December 7, 2009

Perfect Time for a Morning Dip
morning dip in Villa Igang

Scenic rocky coves, caves, a small lake, different species of mangroves, and rich marine life: these are just some of the charms that leave one enthralled in Villa Igang. Tucked in a rocky cove in the town of Nueva Valencia, Villa Igang is the perfect secluded place for a quiet getaway.

Igang Midday
midday in Igang

When a friend asked me where I wanted to stay in Guimaras, I told her I preferred to stay "somewhere uncrowded". The no-frills Villa Igang, formerly known as Puerto del Mar, fits the bill perfectly.

Igang Breakwater
broken breakwater

Unlike the long stretch of cream colored sand of Alubihod (a popular destination on the western side of Guimaras island), Villa Igang is composed of small coves and nooks, each awaits for you to discover.

Igang Secluded Villas
secluded villas

The villas, spread nicely on the several hectares of resort grounds, blends with the landscape. A couple are up on a small hill, several are snug under the shade of large trees, while more lie well hidden in a small dale.

Igang Rocky Cove
rocky cliff and emerald waters at the Mooring Cleat
Along Villa Igang's cliffs you'll see old weather beaten trees and several specifies of coastal shrubs.  The resort takes the conservation of these tropical flora seriously.

Igang Mangroves
mangroves in Igang

A large portion of the resort is also dedicated to the propagation and conservation of mangroves. The first sight that will greet you once you enter the resort premises is a dirt road lined with mangroves on both sides.

Mangrove Walkway
mangrove walkway

At the time of our visit, a walkway is being constructed into the heart of the area where the mature trees are.  The trees are labeled to properly indicate the specie. It's a perfect place for a stroll if you want to have a quick respite from the heat of the beach.

Under the Mangrove Shade
cool shade under the mangroves

Air-conditioned and fan rooms are available. Price ranges from Php 700 - 1500. A fan room that can fit 6 persons comfortably can be rented for Php 700 pesos only.

Igang Evening Nook
romantic corner

For reservations, call the following numbers:
  • (+63) (033) 3365507 
  • (+63) (033) 3378074 
and look for  Marylou Arcelo (Owner) / Ms. Lorlyn Araador / Lina Rizon

how to get there
From Ortiz Wharf in downtown Iloilo, hop on a ferry going to Jordan (pronounced as "Hordan") wharf in Guimaras. Travel time is 15 minutes, fare is Php 13.00.

You can rent a multi-cab (can accommodate 8 persons) to take you directly to Villa Igang for Php 400. Travel time is 40 minutes.

You can also ride the public jeepneys bound for Nueva Valencia. However, the resort is still about 2-3 kilometers from the main road. You can call the resort to have one of their tricycles fetch you at the drop off point.

other points of interest
  • Villa Igang has a huge cave whose opening  faces the west. I took several sunset shots from in there. Will share the photos in my upcoming posts
  • Island hopping: lots of islets and sandbars near/along Brgy Igang's shore. 
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