December 5, 2008

I had to hurry home last weekend for some urgent family matter. Bought my ticket just hours before the flight, grab my backpack and went straight to the airport. First time I took a plane ride like it was a bus ride to the mall. I did not have time to print my e-ticket so all I had was a locator number. The Cebu Pacific staff at the new NAIA Terminal 3 were helpful and checking in was not a problem even with the long queue (partly because I had no luggage to check in and folks in the line were kind enough to let me go first).

But all's well now.

The flight back, several days later, was bumpy due to the cloudy weather. The plane was also late. But the delay made us arrive in Manila just time for the sunset, and the cloudy weather added some mood.

Like what they say, all's well that ends well.
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  1. lucky you bai! we had a long, long line to contend with last weekend. i wonder how it will pan out during the holiday peak season. anyway, good luck and have a blast sa monday trip nyo :D

  2. At least you could take a picture of this beautiful sunset !

  3. @oggie - oo nga bai. naku sa dec maagang maaga ako sa airport. mag mi-meet pa lang kami ni Dom to discuss details of the project. Btw if you are free Dec 15, drop by Trinoma, may exhibit dun ang flickristasindios :)

    @Gattina - yup, lucky me :). thanks for the visit!

  4. Dahil dyan, kelangan pala agahan namen sa airport. I have a flight tomorrow at 6AM papunta ng Legaspi

  5. @kegler747 - yup the earlier the better. have a safe trip tomorrow.

  6. Oh my gosh,,,!!! I really really love that amazing view---wow! I'm at awe in God's creation!!!

    Take care!

  7. i hope "all's well that ends well" also applies to us.



  8. @Shobe - I pray that all's well with Vanny. Thanks for the visit!

    @Mys Lyke Meeh - God's wonders never cease :). Thanks for the visit