December 17, 2008

One of my photos is included in a photo exhibit (dubbed "The Indios Experience") sponsored by a Flickr group called flickristasindios.

The exhibit runs December 15 through December 19 at the Cinema Lane of the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. The exhibit show cases different photography styles and genres - from macro photography to cityscapes.

Come and visit the exhibit if you have the chance to. (My friend Dom has more photos of the exhibit area which you can view here.)

My photo entry depicts two small dinghies in Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon (eastern side of Luzon). These boats are used by a resort to ferry guests from the shore to outrigger boats. The low tide area in Cagbalete can stretch to about 800 meters from the shore!

I was elated to hear that someone already bought my photo :)
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  1. bro! nice shot! congrats sa exhibit.

  2. Congratulations, it's everyone's dream to have their photos either published or bought. It is a beautiful photo. Great job.

  3. @erick - salamat bro! daan ka dun kung may time ka.

    @Photo Cache - Thank you! It felt real nice when people appreciate your photos :)

  4. hi allan,

    i came to see the exhibit @Trinoma on the second day and had the chance to see your photo entry. galing ng mga pictures, madaming matututunang technique kahit patingin-tingin lang. i am happy to know that your photo was sold. galing naman. goodluck and merry xmas!

  5. @my gulch = thanks for visiting the exhibit! sana nag kita tayo dun :). glad to know you enjoyed the photos. Happy Holidays too!

  6. congrats bai. grabe, paglaki ko gagayahin kita :D

  7. allan, galing talaga! kahit sino naman talagang magugustahan yon. more exhibit siguro at malamang mas lalong makikita ang galing mo. abangan mo rin ang pinaplano kong project. salamat ulit sa treat.

  8. wow congrats! may buyer agad..
    it's one of my dream na makasali din ng mga exhibits pero tagal pa kaya yun...

  9. happy holidays bro. panalo talaga yang photo mo. pwede na nga yung one-man exhibit eh. galing talaga.

  10. @oggie - naku bai, ako ang pilit gumaya sa inyo. gayahin nalang natin ang dakilang wulf :)

    @dom - salamat bai! Sana nga dumating ang time na yan. Will watch out for your project :)

    @Leonard - daghang salamat bai! hope to see you this vacation for a shoot :)

    @Dakilang Islander - Salamat salamat. Na suwerte lang :)

    @Oman - naku malayo pa yun bro pero sana dumating din :)


  11. hello there! am i reading it right? your family name's barredo? and you're ilonggo? nice pics you have here pariente!hehe i guess photography runs in the blood.oh include interested in this hobby too just dont have enough time and the bucks for it.hehe will link u up if u wont mind. happy christmas!

  12. from what province are u from po if u wont mind? merry christmas and a happy new year to u and ur family, pariente.=) nice pics u have here!

  13. Merry Christmas-- We did celebrate White Christmas here...I hope u had a great time celebrating it with ur family!'s the celebration there? Bet it was fun! and Green.

  14. sa'yo pala yan! ang ganda. it's one of my favorite images sa exhibit, simple, colorful and well composed

  15. @oggie - and Happy New Year to you bai! :)

    @AngelMD-No-More - glad you found my blog pariente!

    @MysLykeMeeh - Xmas here is dry and brown, at least in South Cotabato :)

    @estan - thanks bro! naka visit ka pala dun sa exhibit