February 15, 2010

Morning Driftwood
Silanguin driftwood

I was finally able to complete my "tour" of the Zambales coves last weekend. It all started several years ago when I first spent a weekend in Anawangin cove. Over the years I have revisited Anawangin but moved on to the next cove (Nagsasa cove) when it got too crowded there. I instantly fell in love with Nagsasa cove, but the lure of seeing what's beyond Nagsasa cove was too strong a pull to ignore. So I gave in.

It was still dark when we reach the mouth of  Silanguin cove, a good 1 hour boat ride from Pundaquit, the jump off point to the coves of Zambales. From what I saw in Google Earth, I knew this cove was much bigger than Nagsasa, more than 3 times bigger. The ride from its mouth to the beach head at the center of the cove took another 20 minutes.

Textured Beach
textured beach

The sight of the huge cove was an awesome vista when the first golden light of the morning finally shone over the towering mountains in the east. It was so huge I felt a sense of panic, I did not know where to start taking photos.

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Dead and Alive
old and young

So what we did was stroll to random directions and see what luck might bring us. What first caught my eye were the drift woods in the rocky section of the beach. The twisting bleached trunks  provided a nice contrast to the texture of the pebbled beach. The vastness of the cove made everything look remote or detached.

Silanguin beach front
grand cove

Our group were the only visitors there that weekend so we got the a huge part of the cove all to ourselves. Some parts of the cove are already being developed into resorts (by foreigners). I saw a couple of yachts anchored in different points in the cove. One part of the beach already had brightly colored flags waving in the early morning breeze. But for now everything seemed rustic even at those "developed" parts. I guess its remoteness (its the farthest from the jump off point) made it that way.

Afternoon Textures
afternoon textures

After breakfast and a quick nap (we had been traveling since midnight), we headed to southern end of the cove, in search for a good place to shoot sunset. We wished for rocks (as foregrounds) and found towers of them after hiking for about 1 hour. What Anawangin and Nagsasa have, Silanguin has in abundance (in 1 huge package), much to our liking.
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