January 19, 2012

Buntot Palos 3

I always wanted to see how the Hidden Falls of Pangil, Laguna looked like during the rainy season. I visited it once before on a summer month and was amazed on how the falls is seemingly impervious to the dry season. While rivers and streams are drying up everywhere, it remained large.

I got my wish the other weekend. Together with some friends I went there for a day trek. The trail was muddy as hell and it took us a little under 3 hours to reach the camp site. From the campsite its a treacherous and very steep climb down to the falls with only tree roots to hold on to.

Buntot Palos 4

The sight that greeted us was simple breath taking. The small canyon reverberate with the thundering roar of Buntot Palos (locals by the way refer to the falls more as "Hidden" than "Buntot Palos"). The falls was huge!

The problem now was how to shoot it. I can't get much closer due to the ridiculous amounts of spray it seemed like its raining while there is a blue sky above. The current of the downstream flow was strong it was difficult to cross from one boulder to another.

In the end, I  got contented with limited POVs and limited shots. Here are some other shots without water droplets on my filter:

Buntot Palos 5

Buntot Palos 2

Buntot Palos 1
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  1. wow! amazing! :D
    I really like the falls. It is so very clean.

  2. This is really cool. I just moved to Cavite, which is an hour drive away from Laguna. I'm hoping of traveling around and seeing what great things I can see in my new surroundings. I'd like to come by sometime and check this falls out.
    New follower by way of Nuffnang.
    Congrats on being Best Photography Blog.
    Hope you can follow me back.



  3. Awesome! Your captures especially of falls are always so enchanting. I wish I have the perseverance to take with me tripods and a heavy camera on slippery treks like this. You truly deserve the Best Photography Blog.

  4. Hi Lantaw, i saw a falls on FB, but the owner of the photo didn't know the place just next to Siniloan. I can't open map coz my connection is weak. Then i thought of looking at your photos of falls, there it is, awesome as ever. I see the big difference of the before and after, haha! How do you compare the height of this Buntot Palos with that of Lake Sebu's 2nd falls, I forgot the name, hekong bente ba yun? I want to see this, kaso ang layo pala ng hike tsaka mahirap!

  5. @Andrea, its much bigger than Hikong Bente, siguro 1/3 higher than Falls #2. Its an easy hike :)

  6. Nice Photography! We're planning to visit this soon :)

  7. Wow your shots are so nice! galing mo!amazing!