January 12, 2012

Lake Seloton Early Morning

Dugout canoes, with men sitting precariously on one end, slide silently across Lake Seloton's placid waters. This is as hectic as it gets on a busy morning after a beautiful sunrise.

Lake Seloton: Tending the Net
tending the net

You'll hear a soft splash or two occasionally as one local checks his net he laid out a few hours before. The small lake has seen an increase in the number of fish cages over the years. Folks however are still allowed to fish around these cages (and not from them of course). 

Lake Seloton: Bamboo Cages
Seloton bamboo cages

Soon small pails on the canoes are getting filled with tilapia, some are "layaw" (wild) and most probably are "escapees" from nearby fish pens.

On the nearby shores you'll see folks doing their morning chores like cleaning or washing the nets. Everything here resolves around the lake.

Lake Seloton Houses
lake side

Before the sun gets really high, the canoes would gather in groups in some spots on the shore. Fish buyers or "compradors" would come and see the day's catch.

Lake Seloton: Early Morning Business
checking the day's catch

Lake Seloton: Checking the day's catch

It would not be cost effective for the locals to sell their small bounty by themselves on the town's market, so they sell some of the catch to these compradors. The rest are allocated for their daily consumption.

Lake Seloton: Concluding the morning's business
concluding the morning's business

Within a few minutes the deal is made and cash is exchanged. Everybody goes off their separate ways and head home, just in time for breakfast.

Lake Seloton: Early Morning Business
all done

Here are more photos:

Lake Seloton: Easy Morning

Lake Seloton: Checking the Nets

Looking Back

Lake Seloton is one of the three lakes in Lake Sebu - an idyllic mountain town in the province of South Cotabato (southern Mindanao). 

Check out the beautiful sunrise that day:
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