June 11, 2013

Sunrise @ Mt. Pulag

Luzon's rooftop (2,922 MASL) has been on my list of places to visit for the longest. Finally last weekend, thanks to a very good friend Erick Dantoc (the man behind http://roadworthyman.com/) who organized the climb, I was able to scratch this off the list.

Weather was great, the company was perfect. No crowds in the campsite and peak as most groups cancelled their climb thinking it was rainy.

No sea of clouds, but the sunrise ain't bad either. In fact it was awesome, standing there at the top of the world (well Luzon anyway) and seeing the first light of day make one feel very thankful of the beautiful world we live in.

Now I understand why people keep coming back here. Now I see why lovers propose to their partners at the peak.

Pulag is a life long love affair for some. You bet I'm going back there again.

 More photos from Mt. Pulag soon :) View larger version of the photo above here.
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  1. How romantic for a proposal to be held there. I get it, the girl was either a climber, a photographer or both coz only that kind of girl would want to be there.

    1. Both :). You should try hiking to Pulag Sheng. Its not hard, even kids will be able to do the Ambangeg trail :)

  2. It is indeed a place you'd want to go back to again and again. The first time I was there, it was beautiful but I didn't have photos to show. The next time I was there, I couldn't use the cam as it was raining miserably, no sunrise to boot. So I think it needs a revisit. :) Lovely photo.

    1. We were just lucky with the weather. Couple of weeks ago friends went there and got rained on pretty bad.