May 14, 2009

Nagsasa Cove: Late Afternoon at the Rocks
late afternoon at the rocks

In my short stay there in Nagsasa Cove (2 days), I was able to see much of the cove's colors and moods. It was mostly sunny the whole day (on our first day) but fast moving rain clouds invaded the cove when sunset was nearing. The light was so dynamic that the 15 pictures I took of the same scene (above photo) all looked different.

Nagsasa Cove: Gateway Sunset
gateway sunset

I was already back in the camp, resigned that the clouds have ruined any chances of getting sunset colors, when the sky opened up for a moment. My photo buddy and I ran to our pre-selected locations and set up our gears.

Nagsasa Cove: Twilight's Fading Colors
twilight's fading colors

Since I was taking long exposure shots, I wasn't able to take many before the colors faded and the sea and sky turned a moody steel blue in color. The challenge in outdoor photography is that often times the light changes so fast that you only have one shot - one chance to capture the scene.

Second Chance
a second chance

I woke up early dawn the next day. Headed to the river at the back of the camp to see the day's first display of light.

sunrise shapes

The sun rose above the mountains at the back of the cove. There was not much color but the river bank bathed in warm sunlight looked surreal. The golden light seem to make the patterns on the sand pop out. I decided to take another photo that emphasizes the shapes of the mountains, and monochrome treatment seemed to best suit the mood.

Nagsasa Cove: Lake Panorama
serene lake

By midday, the cove evoked another mood: that of absolute serenity. One could sit all morning by the lake side and watch the clouds pass by, or snooze under the pine trees by the banks.

Heavenly Hand
heavenly hands

I cannot get enough of Nagsasa Cove, everywhere you look it always has something special to show you. I think the magic of Nagsasa lies in the fact that its still not as popular as the nearby cove of Anawangin, thus you can experience and enjoy the cove without the (huge) crowd. Hopefully it'll stay that way for many more months to come. Yes, I give it months only.

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