June 22, 2009

Tondol Morning Boats II
Tondol beach after Typhoon Emong

The area was still recovering from the havoc brought by Typhoon Emong when I visited Brgy. Tondol in Anda, Pangasinan. There was no electricity at that time and most of the beach were strewn with debris. Nevertheless I find Tondol beach's rustic charm irresistible.

I stayed mostly at Tanduyong island but had the chance to visit the beach area after sunrise one morning. True to the blogs I read about Tondol beach, the low tide scene is amazing.

Tondol Morning Boats
early morning at Tondol Beach

There is a large expanse of flat powdery white sand beach. During low tide you would be able to walk from Tondol beach to Tanduyong island (just about 800m offshore). Even at high tide there are sections between Tanduyong and Tondol where the water is just about 4 feet deep.

Tondol Lowtide
boats stuck in lowtide

Most of Tondol's beach front are private resorts but there is a public beach area at the western end. Entrance fee is just 5 pesos and you can rent open cottages for 250.00 pesos a day. There is no camping fee if you prefer to pitch a tent.

Accommodations in Tondol

There are lots of homestay accommodations in Tondol beach, most with air conditioned rooms that range from Php 1,000 to Php 1,500 / night.

However if you want a beeline to Tanduyong island, the best place would be the eastern end of the beach. The eastern part has the shallowest beach and provides a "direct" route to Tanduyong island.

There is a large two bedroom bungalow there that you can rent for Php 4,000 pesos (for the 2 rooms) a day. Each room is air-conditioned and has its own CR.

Contact: Amiz/Ampong +639202972305

There are also smaller bungalows and rooms that you can rent for Php 1,500 - Php 2,000 per day.

Its best to check the tide information when going to Tondol as the beach is best enjoyed during low tide (lowtide was from 3am - 7am when I was there).

Contact: Ate Medy +639207002122 or +639282786118

During March-April the water is crystal clear. The lowtide area "expands" during December when it reaches some parts beyond Tanduyong Island.
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