May 28, 2011

Maasim Sturdy Mangrove at Dawn
epitome of serenity

Sometimes you have to go back to familiar spots to catch it in a really good light. I was glad I exactly did just that during a weekend trip back home.

It was a quick trip, arrived on a Saturday and then leaving the next Monday. I was looking for a place to shoot when I remembered this small beach just outside General Santos where full grown mangroves abound. Last time I visited it, I got lucky with the light. Hoped luck is still with me this time around.

Sunrise at Tinuto
first light

Like my previous trip to this area, my wife (patiently) accompanied me. She perfectly understood an outdoor photographer's (peculiar) fascination sunrises and sunsets. We go out while everyone's still asleep and we stay out late and still shoot while everyone else is having dinner already.

We woke up at 3.30AM, sunrise was at 5.30AM that day. The first taxi we contracted backed out when the driver learned on where we are going. The place is at the border of General Santos city and the town of Maasim in Sarangani, outside of what most consider as the "safe zone".

Maasim Serene Dawn 2
sturdy and steady

As expected, we had the small area to ourselves. It was high tide so the mangroves roots I was able to shoot before are still underwater. I decided to shoot at the opposite end of the beach were there are sturdy mangroves standing like silent sea sentinels.

It was a short but sweet sunrise - the colors did not linger very long, but I savored every moment of it.  I guess I love sunrises more than sunsets. There is a more peaceful feeling associated with sunrises. Many can witness a sunset, but only the few who manage to actually wake up early are blessed with the privilege of witnessing the first colors of the day.

Maasim Serene Dawn

We were back at the hotel by 7AM. The front desk clerk appeared confused, thinking I was on my way out to shoot (I mentioned the previous night I wanted to take photos of mangroves as I was looking for a calendar with tide information). Told him, with a grin, that I was done already. Outdoor photographers are a weird bunch.
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