December 26, 2011

Petronas Twin Towers

There is always magical about dusk as it falls on a city. As the lights start to shine, a city is transformed from a grey jungle to a lively and colorful place. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital, is one such place.

City Lights from G Tower
city lights from G Tower

Who brings a tripod to a cocktail party? Photographers do, especially if the venue is a bar called "Sky Bar" at the top of one of the towering steel giants right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A free things ran through my mind as we headed to G Tower one evening: city lights at dusk and fully lighted Petronas Twin Towers.

City Lights from G Tower 2
city comes alive

While the rest of our group were enjoying the music and heavenly cocktail mixes (so they say) by an award winnning bartender (whose name I missed), I fully hooked and mesmerized by the scene outside. As soon as the clouds turned pink and the street lights turned on, the city came alive.

Doubled Double
doubled double

From the bar we can see the ubiquitous Petronas Towers glowing like a gem. These two towers can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. They once ruled the skies as the tallest buildings until Taipei 101 bumped them off in 2004 (both towers still remain as the tallest twin towers in the world).

Not satisfied with the POV in the Sky Bar, I decided to get a closer look of the towers, together with a couple of kindred spirits (read: folks who bring tripods to a cocktail party :D). The towers were just a couple of minutes walk from where we are.

Chasing the Towers

The "couple of minutes walk" is not really a short walk if you are with photogs who constantly stop to setup and take shots :D. The towers, huge as they are, always seem to be very near. The humid weather was also a mild nuisance.

All these small inconveniences did not matter once we reached the front of the towers. All I could mutter for the first few minutes was "Wow!". They sure don't mind their electricity bill :D.

Petronas Towers (KLCC park)
from KLCC park

We jostled spaces with some of the photographers already there. After having our fill shooting from the front, we headed to the back at the KLCC park for a few more shoots before we got unceremoniously shooed away by one of the guards. Park closes at 10PM.

Petronas Towers (KLCC Park)
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