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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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December 31, 2011

Lantaw looks back at 2011

Blue Steel Sunrise

With just a few hours left in 2011, I'm looking back at a very fruitful year. I've been to new places and met new friends. I'd like to share the highlights of 2011 in a series of photos. I have a lot of favorites for this year, so it was a bit of challenge which ones are included in this post.

Started 2011 with a visit to Baler, it was my first time there. Weather was foul but it did not stop us from shooting. In fact it was perfect for some very moody shots. We explored coastal scenes as well as Baler's poster waterfalls.

Diguisit Bay
Diguisit Bay

Ditumabo Falls
Ditumabo Falls

I found myself wandering back to favorite spots in western Pangasinan: the shorelines of Labrador and the quaint fishing village of Tambobong.

Sunrise by the broken seawall
broken seawall in Labrador

Tambobong Painted Sky
sunset in Colibra island (Tambobong)

Sunrise Seaweed Gatherer
seaweed gatherer in Tambobong

February was a busy month. From western Pangasinan, its down to Sarangani in southern Mindanao.

A Pointed Sunrise
mangrove roots in Maasim, Sarangani

Mt. Matutum on a Valentine's day sunrise
South Cotabato's iconic peak: Mt. Matutum

Its back to Nagsasa cove. Twice.

Nagsasa Moonset (Full moon)
moonset in Nagsasa

Nagsasa Backwoods Trail
backwoods trail

On my second visit not much happened, except whole mountains around us went up in fiery rage :D. It was quite a night.

Nagsasa Wildfire/Bushfire 2
wildfire night

Nagsasa Dead Tree Roots at Sunset
Nagsasa sunset

Summer is usually a great time to see town fiestas in the Philippines. I got to experience Tarlac hospitality in a small rural town of Mayantoc (thanks to Mon Corpuz!).

Ruweda with Perigee Moon
ferris wheel with perigee moon

Mayantoc Rural Sunset
Mayantoc rural sunset

River Sunset
river scene at sunset

May was hectic! First it was visit to the quintessential summer capital of the Philippines with my family. Though most of the places there have already been shot a million times, I tried to find some fresh POVs in some of the tourist traps.

Flower Patch in Sunrise
sunrise in Mines View park

Baguio Cathedral
Baguio Cathedral after sunrise

We also visited a not-so-usual Baguio destination: Balantoc mines. We got to experience for a few hours how it is to be a miner, complete with dynamite blasting :) (though I still have to post photos of this in this blog)

Balantoc Mines
faux miners :)

I went back to Zambales, this time to the grand cove of Silanguin.

Silanguin Cove Anti-Sunset Fire
Silanguin sunset

Before the month ended, I went back to Sarangani for more of the mangroves and also shot scenes of the busy fish port for the first time. Gensan is not called the "Tuna Capital of the Philippines" for nothing.

Sunrise at Tinuto
first light

Gensan Fishport Morning Scene
fish port scene

Weighing Queue 2
weighing queue

No travels. Man's gotta rest :)

I'm back on the road again. This time to Mansalay in Oriental Mindoro with BPP folks for an outreach activity in a Mangyan community.

Mangyan Colors
Black Pencil Project outreach

Hanunoo Mangayan Elder: Toothless Smile
Mangyan elder

From Mindoro, I journeyed up with some friends to the mountain town of Adams near the northern tip of Luzon. Its was a weekend of waterfalls, and waterfalls, and waterfalls, and some bugnay wine tasting in between.

Adams Lovers' Peak Sunrise Rays
Adam's Lovers' Peak

Fruit Wines
fruit wines

Anuplig Falls Warm Light
Anuplig Falls

I visited a place close to home and closer to my heart: the highland town of Lake Sebu. Spent a morning enjoying the scenes around the 3 lakes and then visiting a young master dreamweaver.

Lake Seloton Monochrome Sunrise
Lake Seloton

Portrait of a Young Dreamweaver
young dreamweaver

Its out of the country this time. My wife and I visited Vietnam; spent several days in town in Mekong Delta and also found time to go around Saigon.

Dragon Fruit
public market in Vinh Long

Saigon City Hall
Saigon City Hall

Rollin' down the river
Mekong River

I still have a ton of photos to post from my Vietnam trip and will try to squeeze them in succeeding posts.

Went on a day trip to Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo, Laguna. Its a scenic spot frequented by photographers since its close to Metro Manila.

Sampaloc Lake: Preparing for the day
morning scene in Sampaloc Lake

September was capped with visit to Capones Island for some sunrise and sunset photos, as well as visit the iconic Capones Lighthouse.

Capones Lighthouse
Capones Lighthouse

Capones Rock Garden Sunset
Capones sunset

The end of year is nearing but I still manage to squeeze in a few trips. This time its to a scenic mountain village of Imugan for its waterfalls and the nearby pine forest in Salacsac.

Imugan Falls 2
Imugan Falls

Salacsac Pine Forest 1
Salacsac pine forest

The second trip for the month was to the historic Taal town in Batangas for a photowalk.

Night Market after sundown (in front of the Taal Basilica)
night market in Taal

Taal Basilica at Sunset
Taal Basilica at sunset

Its already December but 2011 still has some surprises installed for me. I went to Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya in Malaysia courtesy of Nuffnang for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards (Lantaw was a finalist under the Best Photography Blog category).

Putra Mosque Blue Hour II
Putra Mosque

Petronas Towers (KLCC park)
Petronas Towers

traded my dry fit shirt and pants for a tuxedo :)

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards night in Putraja, Malaysia

As a last hurrah for 2011, I played "guide" to several of my photog friends from Manila. We went around Lake Sebu and was also able to shoot the fish port (again) for its "beautifully organized chaotic scene" (as one friend put it). I still have to go through a ton of photos but here's a preview:

Lake Seloton

2011 has been a great year: full of great travels and great company. This blog has been blessed with a few things, including:
  • Winner of Best Photo Blog in Philippine Blog Awards (Mindanao)
  • Finalist for Best Photo Blog in Philippine Blog Awards (National)
  • Winner of Top Photo Post in Philippine Blog Awards (National) 
  • Finalist for Best Photography Blog in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011
  • Featured Photographer of the Week in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section
I hope that 2012 will be as bountiful as this year. Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed seeing my part of the world through my lens.

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Batang Lakwatsero said...

ang bangis mo talaga! astig ka idol! samba!!!!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Cheers for more travels and great photos this 2012! Happy New Year! :)

The Scud said...

amazing photos! ang galing-galing mo!

Happy New Year! More Happiness. More Travels. And Good Health this 2012. :D

escape said...

hangang hanga! dami ding achievements sa 2011. buti at nakasabay ko ang master sa isang byahe sa 2011. hahaha.... happy new year bai!

Lantaw said...

Happy New Year friends! More travels to you too and I hope we can share a trip or two this 2012!

Erick said...

year of lantaw ang 2011

marami pa yan sa 2012

happy new year bai!

Sendo said...

wow..what a year...oh my..talagang abot langit ang inhalation ..wala ng exhale haha...ganda ng photos...keep 'em coming ^^

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