December 11, 2011

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 10

Now in its third year, the Ayala Symphony of Lights in the Ayala Triangle (near Makati Stock Exchange) continues to draw and amaze crowds.

Ayala Triangle-Symphony of Lights
Makati Stock Exchange

I have not seen the previous years' light show (but I have seen photos) and this time I wanted to see it for myself. Finally got the chance last weekend. I also took it as an opportunity to shoot, however limited, around the area (Ayala Triangle) which on ordinary days are restricted to photographers (well at least those carrying SLRs).

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 9
before the show

It had been raining for several days already, especially during the afternoon and evening, but the sky decided to take a break last Saturday night. I hurried to Ayala and was able to catch the 2nd show of the night. The show runs every hour from 6PM to 9PM and each run takes about 10 minutes. That means I only have 3 chances of shooting the light show that night.

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 11
inflatable stars

The squandered the first chance, going around and trying to get a feel of the place. It was my first time and I did not know what'll happen (when certain lights will light up, what color, what sequences, where to best shoot, etc). I was also torn between shooting and actually enjoying the music and light display, and recording a video with by mobile device.

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 12
more stars

I found out that the light show is more video friendly (of course it is! :D). The light/colors quickly changes with the music (popular Christmas songs), so doing long exposures are not advisable. I bumped up my ISO up to a value where noise is still manageable (my DSLR is already considered a pre-historic so I don't have the luxury of high ISOs). Each of my shots was done using a short 3-8 second window.

There was also limited chance of changing POVs during the actual show. You'll risk bumping into other people completely transfixed on the light spectacle that is unfolding. So with 2 more shows remaining that night, I had only 2 chances of changing POVs. You'll see in the succeeding photos that the POVs are similar. What I tried capturing that night was the mood of the place.

Here's the first set:
Ayala-Symphony of Lights 2

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 3

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 15

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 14

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 13

Here are the photos from the last show of the night:

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 1

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 4

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 5

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 6

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 7

Ayala-Symphony of Lights 8

A side attraction (quite literally) is the Nativity Scene located in one corner. I saw photos of the previous year's "belen" and I think it was better.

Ayala Triangle Belen

Ayala Triangle Belen - Holy Family

More info:
  • Show is free
  • Runs every hour between 6PM to 9PM
  • Light designed by Voltaire de Jesus
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