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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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January 18, 2008

awed by anawangin

Anawangin looks like another world. As you approach the bay, you couldn't help but wonder if you are still in the Philippines. Unlike most beaches, Anawangin stands out as one of the few where you have pine trees instead of the usual coconut trees. The muted green needle leaves of the pine trees that lined the shore contrast nicely with the salt-n-pepper colored sand. The barren mountains at the back of the bay provide a backdrop of varying shades of green and brown.
Anawangin is one of the best real "getaway place". It is "shielded" from most of man's daily tech. No electricity, no cellphone coverage, no radio and TV signals.

I have read articles and seen photos of Anawangin for almost two years now. Been planning to go there for the longest time. Last January I read about it again in an in-flight magazine on the way back to Manila from the province. So I decided that thats it, its going to be my first destination for 2008. Luckily I have officemates who like the outdoors a lot too, so forming a group for the trip was easy.

Getting there
We took the 11:30PM Victory Liner Bus (bus going to Iba, Zambales) from their Caloocan station. The jumpoff point to Anawangin is in Brgy. Pundaquit in a town called Sta. Ana. Its about 2 hours or so from Subic. We arrived there at 3:30 AM, too early for the boat ride to Anawangin. Luckily there are open "gotohan" (goto is rice porridge with ox tripe) near the police station so we decided stay there for the time being. We planned to get supplies (food + water, there are no stores in Anawangin) but the market opens at 7AM. Lady Luck seemed to be smiling on us that day, for one of the tricycle drivers offered to take us to Brgy. Pundaquit (about 20 minutes ride from Sta. Ana town proper) and introduce us to a boat man who can provide us with a place to sleep/rest. He also offered to be the one to go to the market for our supplies! (see my previous post for the boat rates).

First day, first time
Anawangin used to be really secluded, only a handful of people go there. But not anymore. We were not surprised to see several tents already pitched when we got there at 8AM. I heard from the caretaker that the place can get really crowded during the summer vacation (and Holy Week).

The sun went away somewhere during our first day so I spent most of the morning sleeping in my tent and on my friend's hammock (I was able to pry him off it every once in a while).

In the afternoon I checked out that nice river lined with pine trees just several meters away from our campsite.
Anawangin is a photographer's haven. Its fairly common to see folks toting tripods and serious looking photo gears.
Essential stuff to bring in Anawangin
  • food and drinking water (there two water pumps there for washing)
  • toiletries (there are I think two CRs there, the one near our area has walls are made of some reed)
  • flash light + batteries
  • cook set (better if you have a portable burner)
  • tent (it can get cold so a sleeping bag and/or jacket would help)
  • camera + lots of batteries + lots of CF or SD cards!
  • lots of booze!
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demeter said...

great entry. and awesome images as always allan.

The Campers said...

Grabe! Great, great pics! Cant wait to go there! It will be one of my destination this summer! tnx for all the infos sir. I will form a group as soon as possible for tha trip!!!

Lantaw said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

hi.. fell in love with the place just by looking at the shots. can i use these photos for my blog? thanks..

Anonymous said...

Wow! ur pics are so cool and so is the place! We will definitely go there before summer ends. :)

Lantaw said...

@binx - thanks! you should go there before the summer crowd totally trashes the place hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi sir!! Thanks sa info re anawangin! BIG BIG HELP!! tagal ko na pong hinahanap yan. great pics! i already admire your pics sa cagbalete site. kung hindi ko pa nabasa yung mga comment, hindi ko pa malalaman na kayo po si sir allan barredo. Thanks sir! madadalas na po ang pag visit ko sa blog ninyo! :)) carol of makati

Lantaw said...

Thank you Carol!. If you need more info about the other places I frequently visit, feel free to email me

Anonymous said...

wow the place is really breath taking!! great shots, perfect... definitely we'll go there... :)

Anonymous said...

sir mas maganda ba mag day tour lang or overnight sa anawangin? hindi ba nakakapagod pag day tour lang? lalu kung nagtravel from manila? how bout sa pag gamit ng cr, comfortable ba gamitin or madumi or what? :)

Lantaw said...

@Anonymous, overnight stay is recommended. Define "comfortable". Remember you are in the outdoors. There was a time when there was even NO CR in Anawangin. Nowadays the place is crowded and there are stores. There are several campsites with "rustic" CR.

If you are concerned on what time of accommodation you'll get there, then I think a day tour is better for you. Stay at some of the resorts in Pundakit. They have very comfortable accommodations (some rooms are 4K a night).

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