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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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April 16, 2008

balinmanok wreck, dasol, pangasinan

A short 10-minute boat ride southeast from Tambobong beach is another rustic community called Sitio Balinmanok.

Sitio Balinmanok

There is a road from Tambobong to Balinmanok but its not very vehicle friendly so the best way to go there is via banca/boat.

Balinmanok beach

The beach is clean and the water is clear. But the best thing about Balinmanok is the shipwreck site just 50 meters from shore. I did some research but was not able to get the name of the ship so I'll just call it the Balinmanok wreck.

Balinmanok wreck

There is a very interesting story with that wreck site. It was a Chinese vessel carrying an assortment of cargo, including a huge load of shabu (crystal meth) - about 600kilos, coming in from the South China sea. There was a storm and the ship accidentally dropped its anchor near the island of Hermana Mayor (about 1 hour from Tambobong). The hull of the ship got damaged and she began taking in water.

Stripped of its usable timber

The crew offloaded the "precious cargo" but they were apprehended near the town of Infanta. The authorities were able to seize about 250 kilos of shabu, the rest of the cargo vanished without a trace.

The ship was towed to where it is right now - in front of a beach in Sitio Balinmanok. The wreck site is now a nice snorkeling area.

me taking a breather (photo by Francis - libot.blogspot.com)

Artificial reef = playground of the fishes :)

The area near the shipwreck is also a good place to spearfish for your lunch :).

Nature's bounty
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Anonymous said...

I never thought touring Pangasinan can be this good. I need to go hoooooome!

Lantaw said...

@bing - in due time my friend... in due time hahahaha

Anonymous said...

this really seem to be a very beautiful place. You're the second person to recommend this to me. I'll sure put it down in my notes.

lagal[og] said...

to echo estan, will keep tambobong in my list.

zherwin said...

i think i need to be friendly with fisherfolks, you'll never know where they can bring you! and i hope the survivor philippines crew will not hear of this place. nice colors!

Lantaw said...

@zherwin - exactly bro! The locals are the ones who really know the place. With some of the places we go to, the information we have are only from other blogs and magazines. It helps a lot if you are with someone who has intimate knowledge of the place.
thanks for the visit!

TwistedHalo said...

Lovely pics! I didn't know ganyan sa Burgos, and I'm from Pangasinan! :0

Lantaw said...

@twistedhalo - Thanks! Dasol and Burgos have so much more to offer if you are just willing to explore :). Thanks for the visit.

demeter said...

Galing nung wreck shots. I can clearly recall swimming in the cool clear waters surrounding it and feeling the summer heat on my back as I snorkeled around. Tapos that delicious lunch of freshly caught fish!

Lantaw said...

@demeter - I still have the photo, I can post it here if you want hahaha. Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

hi and hello!the place that you went and you see are very great and fantastic.and we thank you for visiting our place "BALINMANOK" and post it in the internet!you are most welcome in our island... goodluck and godbless!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i was told by my mom that somebody had posted a picture of our pride and beauty "villa balinmanok", we suggested really to visit the place by boat as the panoramic view is breathtaking. It's quite private though, but the locals there are very hospitable. In due time we will be there to welcome and accommodate nature lovers like your group. In behalf of our clan, Maraming Salamat. - m.v.

Lantaw said...

@m.v. - we went there as guests of the Bobis family (Leon Bobis). It was a great place. When I snorkeled I found several clown fishes just a few meters from shore

Ogie said...

Hello there...thanks for droping by to our place..were the owner of that beach my name is ogie belarma..dasolpangasinan.multiply.com or at facebook eugemar ogie belarma..exactly to our place like in the old boat..tell us if u want to visit again...thanks...

Ogie said...

Hi!! were glad that you visit our place...tell everyone that there is a place "stress free"

Lantaw said...

@Eugemar, you have a beautiful place. planning to visit again this march :)

Anonymous said...

hi, hopefully by march there is something nice to stay kahit kubo lang, but sure enough planning to improve the place is about to come, everybodys welcome.
@Eugemar-kapatid, mas maganda yun posted pics ng group nila mr. lantaw, may need to get in touch with them pra marami makaview to invite people to visit our place- Ate Mimi

Anonymous said...

This place (Balinmanok)has a lot of untold story. My mom said the name Balinmanok came from Ilocano dialect "Balay manok" because that place was used to be a place of wild chickens. Ngayon wala na dahil tinula na lahat, pepit na nalang ang natira. Anyway, I grew up in this place and I considering to come back there in the future. This place has full of sweet memories as well. Appreciate your time by putting this in your blog.

Ogie said...

Sure bro anytime you can visit and by the way its march already!! my nick name is ogie..you can call or txt my mom at this number so that somebody will take care of your group...god bless..number 02 5242061 ASK TO CONNECT BFAR SANLEY POINT. LOOK FOR LITA BELARMA OR 09054237319

Lantaw said...

@eugemar, I was back in Tambobong last march 6-7 :)

Anonymous said...

I was born inland (Binalonan). Love the ocean. Thinking about relocating there; how much would a house lot cost? Something just large enough for a cottage and as close as posible to the beach.

Anonymous said...

We are contemplating going as soon as possible!

Ogie said...

Great day!!! time for weekend getaway....
Prepare your diving gear and ready for Island hopping.

For more info @ Villa Balinmanok
Globe: 0915-2092010
Smart: 0908-4551047
look for Lily

Unknown said...

Masindog taw kumi rin

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