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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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July 29, 2008

lake sebu, south cotabato

Lake Sebu at dusk with lingering storm clouds

Lake Sebu is a rustic town nestled about 1000 metes above sea on the mountains of the Allah Valley region in South Cotabato. It bears the same name as the largest of the three lakes found there (Lake Sebu, Lake Seloton, and Lake Lahit). It is a favorite summer destination because of its cool climate and its idyllic setting.

My kids were particularly excited when I told them we are going to spend the weekend at Lake Sebu and see one of the major falls there (Thank God they love the outdoors too ... second to PSPs and Gameboys). I was pretty perked up too. As a young lad, I spent a good number of summer vacation days there with my dad but have not been able to spend more than a day there lately (work and other things got in the way). This will be the first time I'm going to experience Lake Sebu in the monsoon.

The area around Lake Sebu is the ancestral domain of the T'bolis - one of the indigenous people of Southern Mindanao. The T'bolis are known for their brass works and their tinalak - a cloth with beautiful geometric patterns woven from abaca fiber (Manila hemp). They are basically farmers and fisher folks (main industry of the town is tilapia farming).

Finding a place to stay in Lake Sebu is not hard especially in the off peak season. There are lake side resorts with modest huts and comfortable rooms to choose from.

Floating huts at dusk

I was expecting a moody weather and was not disappointed. Minutes after we arrived there, Mother Nature greeted us with a heavy downpour. As dusk falls, a soothing serenity settled on the place. The nearby mountains seemed to retreat farther as the fog creeps in to cover them for the night.

Twilight huts

Along with the silence of twilight comes the soft (and very cool) evening breeze. I spent a few minutes savoring nature's daily gift of sunset colors on this floating platform before heading off to dinner (charcoal grilled tilapia - straight from the lake to the grill). Its a far cry from the hot and humid place we came from just a few hours ago.

How to get there
There are daily flights from Cebu/Manila to General Santos City

1. From General Santos take a bus to Koronadal City (65 km, 80 pesos). There are aircon and non aircon buses.
2. From Koronadal take a bus (on the same bus terminal) to Surallah (30+ km, 25 pesos).
3. From Surallah take a van to Lake Sebu (30+ km, 30 pesos).

Common transportation within the town are motorcycles (called habal habal by the locals) that can accommodate 4-5 persons. The riding experience is at par with that of a roller coaster ride if you are careening down a bumpy rough road on board one.
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lagal[og] said...

nag-uli ka pala bai, ganda ng lake sebu! na-miss ko na yang place na yan.

Lantaw said...

oo bai. spent my birthday with my family :). kauuwi pa lang namin the kids are already asking when will we go back to Lake Sebu :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan!

Daya mo! You did not contact me. Could have taken you to the fishport and add to more of your great shots of the city.

Join the MBS2 in October, ok?

Ayo-ayo bai!

Your Lake Sebu shots are again exceptional! :)


Lantaw said...

ey bai! sorry short visit lang kasi. I was in GenSan Thurday and I wanted to go around, even wanted to visit the fishport to take photos but the missus wanted to do something else hehehe. Next time I'll make sure to contact you. Thanks for the visit!

lagal[og] said...

belated happy happy bday bai! :-)

Curious Observer said...

'Pre, I reposted your write up at Koronadaldal@yahoogrouups. Like you I am from Marbel. 'Came across your blog while surfing the net and thought of sharing your experience with the members.


Lantaw said...

@oggie - thank you very much bai! :)

@esky - thanks bro! I'll visit that yahoogroup

escape said...

whoa! ganda ng lugar. mas lalong masaya at nasama mo pa mga anak mo.

i personally like the second shot. ganda ng effect ng footbridge na kahoy sa overall shot.

Lantaw said...

bro dom! masaya mag bakasyon kasama mga kids na makukulit. I'm very glad they liked the outdoors too. They wanted to "explore" more falls daw next time. I guess they see that most of my photos are landscapes kaya yun na rin ang nagustuhan nila.

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