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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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November 20, 2008

accommodations in pinggan, marinduque

Club Marinduque main house and pool

If you want the shortest bee line to the Tres Reyes Islets then I guess staying in a resort in Brgy Pinggan would be best for you. We haven't really checked out all possible accommodations in Pinggan, but I think there are just a couple of resorts in the area . We arrived in Pinggan at around 7am and were too tired from the bus and ferry ride. Folks pointed us to the direction of two nearby resorts : Club Marinduque and Casa de Azul (the two are less than 200 meters from each other). We went to check out the rooms at Club Marinduque first then proceeded to Casa de Azul. The owner of the latter informed us that they were making renovations at the moment (they will be reopening after a week) so our obvious choice would be Club Marinduque.

I'm not much of a resort person (I would not complain sleeping in a tent with an earth pad) so any of the two would have made a great choice. But what was really nice was that we got the whole resort to ourselves - the perks of traveling off-season.

Club Marinduque has cabins near the beach. You have a choice of single or double rooms. The single room costs Php 1,080.00/night and Php 200.00 pesos per additional bed.


The double room (Php 1,800.00/night) was quite spacious and could comfortably fit 6-8 persons (ideal for a large group).

Double room with TV, aircon, ref, and bathroom

Some of the cabins have a view of the beach. Now if you are expecting a nice beach get ready to be disappointed. The sand is just your ordinary construction quality sand and the water not too great either, at times it was a bit muddy in color. Its better to head out to Tres Reyes for swimming and snorkeling.

Garden view

The staff at the resort were all friendly and service was great. They were very helpful in arranging transportation for us (jeepney and boat) and even waited for the bus at the highway for our return trip.

The food: this is another story. The breakfast meals (and other items in the menu) were pricey (I'm skipping the "a bit" part). I'm not really very picky with food but I know good food when I taste one, and good food does not have to be gourmet. I also know good food can be expensive. What we had for two days there was expensive but not good.

Dining area

You have the option to buy from the market in Gasan and have it cooked there (for Php 100.00). The problem with this is that after a long trip exploring the sights in the island I doubt if you still have the energy to go to the market.

Overall I would say our stay there was memorable. I enjoyed the pool a lot.

Contact details
Casa de Azul - (+63)919-206-3358 or (+63)928-488-6679
Club Marinduque - visit www.clubmarinduque.com
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Sidney said...

Wow...the swimming pool !
The last image is very dramatic!

Lantaw said...

Thanks Sidney! The pool was really my fave :). We were near the beach a good part of our trip but it did not occurred to me that I haven't taken a dip in the sea until we were already on the bus home. But the pool, aah it was nice. :)

Oman said...

there is something eerie in the dining area. parang may hinihintay na kababa;aghan na mangyayari. ganda talaga ng mga photos.

Lantaw said...

@oman - eerie nga, if you notice may tao dun sa gilid, thats oggie doing some long exposures. have a safe trip sa byahe nyo ni dom.

GingGoy said...

i love the dining areas shot-- dramatic. btw, I just checked i already have a link to your blog, care to reciprocate it? :P thanks

Lantaw said...

@tutubi - thanks! sure no problem, link added :)

Anonymous said...

ganda naman dito bro.
ayos yung kuha mo sa dining area ah! eerie yung clouds!

Lantaw said...

@leonard - thanks! the moon and the clouds were really interesting that night. it had been overcast the whole day.

escape said...

allan, sarap naman doon! galing nga ng lugar. makakapunta din ako dyan.

salamat sa mga tips and recommendations. pwede bang kumain lang sa labas pag nandun kayo?

Lantaw said...

bro Dom! you can but you have to go to Gasan proper. I didn't see any small eateries nor restaurants in the vicinity of Pinggan.

how was your trip last weekend?

Romeo Mataac, Jr. said...

Hi Mr. Allan,

Thank you for visiting our Island Marinduque.

Sobrang ang ganda ng photoshots mo! I really appreaciate and love it.

You are always welcome po sa Marinduque.

God Bless You.


Romeo Mataac Jr.

Lantaw said...

@romeo - I will surely come back to Marinduque. Thanks for the visit. I will post more photos soon.

Buyset said...


I am the web administrator of the newly launched http://www.visitmarinduque. I would like to ask for your permission so I may use your photos above.

It'll not be redistributed in any way. We just need it to help boost tourism in our province. A link to your site will be placed as credit.

Please do email me if you can permit as to do so.

Thank you and More Power!

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