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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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March 12, 2010

tambobong: dasol outdoor photography workshop by the beachy life

Tambobong Midday
Tambobong beach

Last weekend was two fun days of sun, sea, and sand with a group of enthusiastic photographers in a workshop about outdoor photography. The venue: the scenic coastal barangays of Osmena and Tambobong in Dasol Pangasinan.

I welcomed the chance to visit the beautiful town of Dasol, a place whose rustic beauty, unspoilt beaches, and friendly folks earned a special place in my heart. The chance to share the place with kindred spirits and at the same time impart my own humble knowledge on outdoor photography was too good a chance to pass up.

Tambobong Morning
Dasol sunrise

A golden sunrise greeting us in Tambobong after 6 hours of travel. The stress of the midnight drive suddenly went away as my bare feet touched the fine sand of the beach. The morning air was surprisingly cool; it was a great relief from the hot and humid air of the city. We got right down to business and captured the first light of the day.

the group in Balinmanok (by Mac Centeno)

Our first destination after freshening up (read: lecture + breakfast) was Balinmanok, one of the small coves along the shores of Tambobong.

Balinmanok shooter (photo by Mac Centeno)

The workshop was designed to let the participants enjoy the place too, aside from practicing shooting techniques. There we discussed possible compositions and techniques that we will later use for shooting the sunset. With some workshop participants as willing models, an outdoor portraiture session soon ensued while some enjoyed the crystal clear waters.

The Macapilis
the workshop participants at Nalasin point

By late afternoon we proceeded to the northern most tip of Tambobong beach to a place called Cabacungan cove. Its a great place for shooting the sunset, with lots of stuff that can be used for foregrounds (i.e. rocks, coastal shrubs and plants, etc). The trip there entails a boat ride plus a short hike ("short" by my standards, as one of the participants jokingly remarked). The sharp rocks and the thorny shrubs are all worth it as soon as we reached the cove. It was pure and raw coastal beauty.

As the sun goes down
Cabacungan sunset

The participants were able to capture an amazing set of images that afternoon (too many to feature here in this entry, you can view some of their work in this flickr thread. ). Different techniques in shooting sunsets (or sunrises) such as effective use of silhouettes were employed. Some of the participants finally realized (for the first time) that having the right tools (i.e CPLs and graduated neutral density filters) makes a lot of difference in getting your shot right in the camera. We did not stop shooting until the last colorful light of the day finally vanished.

another sunrise session (i'm 2nd from the left) (photo by Mac Centeno)

We got another chance to shoot sunrise the next day. Although our plan to make the 4AM trip to Colibra island did not push through ( the cold weather made it more difficult for me to wake up everybody :D ), our alternative location proved sufficient.

Colibra OMG
Colibra island

By mid morning we were on the outrigger boats again enroute to Colibra island. This small uninhabited island is just 45 minutes away from Tambobong beach and is a perfect place for beach bumming.

photo by Mac Centeno

The shooting pace was more relaxed time this time as some opted to enjoy the beach. But as soon as the models were ready and the reflectors positioned, everyone picked up a camera again and started shooting :D.

photo by Mac Centeno

We left Tambobong late in the afternoon, as late as we can afford to. Believe me, it was hard saying good bye to such a beautiful place.

Pangsinan salt making
salt making in Dasol

On the way back to the main highway in Burgos, we made several stops to shoot rural scenes in the warm glow of the setting sun. It was amazing to see creative juices still flowing after two straight days of shooting.

It was a superb weekend, the interaction was dynamic and we all learned a lot from one another. But the best thing about workshops like this is the strong bond that is formed between each member. We parted ways with a promise what we will have another trip soon (oh if you only only see read facebook threads haha).

This workshop was made possible by The Beachy Life. Check out their amazing collection of swimwear for summer 2010.

Check out Filters Exchange for your photographic needs.  They have high quality filters for travel and outdoor photography needs.

Thanks Kuya Jessie Calaustro for your hospitality.

Thanks Mac for being a boy scout, always willing to whip out his D90 even if the water is chest deep. I'm sure Abby's impressed.

Thanks Shena for the endless supply of liempo. We all gained several pounds after the workshop.

Thank you Mr. Joel (our driver) for leaving some of the participants at the gasoline station in Alaminos. I was really hoping no one has a cellphone in that group. LOL!

Thanks Kuya Buboy for the assistance.

Thank you all for the great fun!
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atto aryo said...

aw shucks! i really would have loved joining this seminar. just seeing the great pics makes me drool big time!

wormulus said...

Solid mga photos mo, bro.
Really stunning!

Ishmael F. Ahab said...


I really missed your site! The pictures here really refreshes the eye. Thank you very much for sharing the beauty of the Philippines with us. :-)

escape said...

ka astig ng mga kuha bai! walang kakupas kupas! bili muna ako ng mga filters. kakahiya sumama ng kulang ang gamit.

Lantaw said...

@r-yo, join us next time =)

@wormulus, thanks bro!

@Ishmael, my pleasure to share =)

@Dom, balik tayo Dasol bai! =)

Happy Trails said...

what can i say? every entry is worth a read plus the fact that your photos are marvel to our eyes! I've never heard of tambobong and its beautiful waters thanks for sharing!

Lantaw said...

@Happy Trails, thanks! Tambobong is a gem in Pangasinan's west coast :)

zherwin said...

now i know what i will miss for not joining in nagsasa. :(

marie said...

Hi, my friends and I are really interested to go to this place. Where did you guys stay there? - Marie Ibay (marieibay @ gmail.com)

Lantaw said...

@marie, the participants stayed in Matabang Beach resort (you can google them)

B said...

Photos are stunning! :)

Lakad Pilipinas said...

Pre, I've just been to Tambobong and sikat na sikat ka dun!

Sabi ko sa kanila familiar yung name mo, I think I've visited your flickr stream siguro before or seen you in one of the pinoy flickr groups.

Really nice place tong Dasol, good writeup pre!

Anonymous said...

am so flattered finding my name in the blog....thank you so much!
allan you are indeed one gem of a photographer!
Be HOME to Dasol again soon.

Anonymous said...

such a nice place.. love it.. how i wish i visit that place..

Bernard dela Cruz said...

Lan, Remember me? your Kasimanwa, I wish I could join one of your seminar someday. Im very interested in filters. Hope you can visit Pico de Loro here in Cavite. Saw your pictures of Mt pinatubo more than a year ago, from that time on I became a fan. I was lead to this blog again after I saw your comment in my blog dated January 2009.

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