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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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February 27, 2011

sarangani: mangroves at lowtide and an iconic peak in a beautiful light

Bed of Nails
"bed of nails" - a sunrise in Sarangani province

A recent trip back home a few weeks ago had me chasing low tide sunrise and sunset around Sarangani province.

The conditions was perfect that weekend: it's going to be lowtide at both the sunset and sunrise according to the tide forecast. As Sarangani bay had both POVs for sunrise and sunset (at opposite ends of the bay), I decided to revisit my favorite mangroves area there. But there was one catch - its a Valentine's weekend and my better half might not be keen on running around with me, getting to remote locations at ungodly hours.

I broached the subject of shooting the mangroves in Alabel, some 15km east of General Santos. I reasoned about how its perfect timing: lowtide at sunset, how I felt sunset will be great today, etc, but the deal clincher was how dinner would be perfect at the best crab restaurant in town after the shoot.

Nature couldn't decide that afternoon whether to rain or not. Twice I almost canceled the trip as the sky alternate between gloomy and sunny but decided to push through rather than regret the chance to shoot the scene I wanted.

Sarangani Lone Mangrove sunset
a lone mangrove at sunset

The conditions were perfect while we were on our way to the location. Light was great and the beach deserted. Minutes before sunset rain clouds formed again, blocking the sun but adding to the drama of the scene. The clouds were moving as wind was blowing eastward. I figured (and hoped) the sky will clear in time for sunset.

Remember I mentioned that nature could not decided whether to rain or not that afternoon? Well it finally decided right on sunset. The wind stopped, the rain clouds got darker, the buckets of rain fell down. So much for sunset colors.

The saving grace for that trip was the crab restaurant that did not disappoint. Deal's a deal, sunset colors or not.

After dinner I casually mentioned again that its going to be low tide again tomorrow at sunrise and there's there perfect spot in Maasim (some 25 km away) with beautiful mangrove trees. Thought timing was perfect and she said dinner was great. A deal was struck again.

Friends from Koronadal (my hometown 50 km away from General Santos) decided to join me that morning. We found ourselves looking for our POVs at 4am in a deserted beach in Maasim. My friend's truck got stuck in the sand while looking for a place to park but we had more pressing matters. Sun's going to be up soon.

A Pointed Sunrise
an explosive sunrise in Maasim

This time sunrise did not disappoint.We all had smiles on our faces (except one friend who forgot to bring the batteries he charged the night before) after the shoot. "Okay, time to get our truck unstuck, and no more shooting for the weekend", the boss said, seeing we had a great shoot. She spent the whole time sleeping in a rickety cottage by the shore, oblivious to the beautiful scene.

Maasim Mangroves Sunrise
beautiful Maasim mangroves

Woke up early on Valentine's day. No, I was not planning to shoot the sunrise (no more photography for the weekend, remember?). Greeted my wife a "Happy Valentine's day" and went out (planning) to jog and drop by the flower stands on the way back.

Mt. Matutum on a Valentine's day sunrise
Mt. Matutum - South Cotabato's iconic peak

As soon as I stepped out I saw a dawn sky bathed with amazing colors. I quickly grabbed my gears and headed to the nearby hills of Matulas, the roses can wait :D. I only got the tail end of the light display, but I'm not complaining. It was a great sunrise.Oh, the roses! :D I later got her a bunch of heart shaped balloons.
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sheng said...

Love it! Ang galing ng Matutum pic!

Con Tour Blog | A Philippine Photo-Travel-Blog said...

ganda talaga ang south cotabato pre. Sa likod lang Bukidnon.:-).

RJ said...

Madalas partner ng Mt. Matutum pinya plantation, pero sa post na 'to- mangroves! Kakaibang ganda.

'Yong mga 'nails' sa picture, batang mangrove ba 'yon, or mga snorkel roots ng mangrove shrubs?

(Taga-North Cotabato nga pala ako, have you featured our province here, yet?)

Lantaw said...

@sheng, thanks!

@Con Tour, thanks!

@RJ, I think those are roots. I wanted to go to Arakan Valley, pero wala pang opportunity

Byahero said...


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