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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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March 21, 2011

nagsasa cove: amidst changes

Nagsasa Cove Dusk
cove's twilight colors

This is my second visit to the cove (this year) in a span of just a few weeks. The trip was almost canceled due to the tsunami warning on the Philippine's eastern side a few hours after the Japan earthquake.

We decided the trip as a "go" after the dreaded tsunami forecast schedule passed without any incident and the warning lifted. The cove is on Luzon's western side so we figured we are pretty much away from the danger.

The 1 hour boat ride was pleasantly uneventful. It was still dark when we went out to sea. My friends Ferdz of Ironwulf and Oggie of lagalog, visiting Nagsasa cove for the first time, enjoyed the neon glow of bio luminescent planktons as our boat cuts through the pitch black sea. I tried to get some sleep but was awakened by a spray of salty water. After about an hour of calm sea, we are now entering the cove and heading into the wind, with good sized waves coming towards us. This is how Nagsasa welcome early visitors: a morning shower.

Nagsasa Boat - Mang Ador campsite 2
Mang Ador's quiet nook at the north end

We were just in time for sunrise. We went around after setting our stuff in Mang Ador's campsite in the north end of the beach. The south side, the sleepy part of the cove I described here before, is now a packed tent city during the weekends. Some of the locals have sold their rights to their land to some enterprising folks who in turn have started "developing" the place. Concrete structures are becoming common. A loud karaoke nearby blasted Europe's "The Final Countdown" while we were trying to shoot. Quite a fitting soundtrack considering whats happening to the place.

Nagsasa Beach
inviting beach

Something's never changed though. The beach was as beautiful as I can remember it. Mang Ador's campsite is kept clean and free of "developments". There you can make yourself comfortable in a hammock and listed to the rustling of the pine needles.

Nagsasa Tending the Nets
tending the net

By sundown the beach front is alive with activities - locals tending their nets and campers going around for an sunset stroll.

Nagsasa Dusk
Nagsasa dusk

Everything settled down as twilight falls. We had great conversations over a simple meal that evening. We tucked in early, anticipating the sunrise the next day. On the other side of the cove, the drinking sessions are just starting.

I woke up early the next morning. I slept soundly but the cold early morning wind (I slept on a hammock) jump-started my day. After a cup of coffee, its off to the back of the campsite for the sunrise.

Nagsasa Wild Horse Creek Sunrise
dawn at Wild Horse Creek

After breakfast we had a chance to hike to the mountains at the back of the falls, looking for some waterfalls to shoot.

Nagsasa Backwoods Trail
backwoods trail

Along the way we passed through a burnt landscape - a product of hunters trying to flush out their game. They start a small fire which can sometimes get out of control. In this case it did and turned a whole mountain brown.

Nagsasa Burned Outback
burnt landscape

We reached the supposedly beautiful waterfalls after more than 1 hour of hiking under a searing sun. But it was dry was there was not even a trickle. The upside was the catch basin is still filled with crystal clear cold water. Not just cool, but cold. Freezing cold. It was weird taking a dip in cold water in the middle of a hot summer day.

Nagsasa Pine Tree Stumps
where have all the trees gone?

A lot of changes is happening to the cove. The land is constantly "reconfiguring" itself. The fire that has burned the backwoods will trigger fresh growth and nature will heal itself. Fire has always been nature's cleanser.

The busy campsite at the south side is another matter. Soon there will be more generators, and with it more karaoke machines. Soon Nagsasa will be just another Anawangin.

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Reena said...

oh no. promise, if i go there hindi ako magsisiga. i don't smoke and don't have any skills of building a fire. :) seriously, i hope they preserve this place. sayang.

Unknown said...

i love your shots :) very mystical :) soon makakapunta rin ako diyan hehe :)

Earl (Suroy Pilipinas) said...

tsk...tsk...tsk...i hope the local government will step in to help preserve the natural beauty of this place...great photos as usual.

Josh Uy said...

Hi! :) I'm Josh uy, a photo-blogger based in Pangasinan. I'm here helping promote the Dagupan City's Bangus Festival 2011 from April 8 to May 1. Hope you could come atleast on April 28 during the 'Gilon-Gilon' (Street Dance) for sure you'll have a great time taking pictures of the colorful festival. Thanks! you could check out the full schedule on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

nice shots.... we're planning to go there this April.. looking forward to the waterfalls, too bad its dry...:(.... thanks for the beautiful shots...:)

Anonymous said...

hi po, 1st time ko npunta sa nagsasa kaya nag try ako mag search reg. nagsasa. we stayed sa sir william cottage sa pundakit and nag rent kmi ng big boat nila, medyo maalon pero buti n lng malaki yun boat kya di daw mababasa yung mga electronic gadget namin according to capt. or driver ng boat......sana nga wag sila mag putol ng puno and magsiga..

Laurice said...

Hello! We’ve been at Anawangin last May 7, 2011. Sa Nagsasa kmi nag-overnyt with my bf then island hopping sa anawangin and capones. Super bait tlga yang si Mr.JayR Agasa. Xa yung kinontak q dahil na din sa mdaming nagsasabi na mbait nga, and i really made the right choice. Dalawa lang kc kmi ng bf q kya naghahanap kami ng mura lang, and indeed, binigay ni Mr.JayR yung package namin at a very affordable rate. Safe pa yung travel namin at pinahiram nila kami ng cooler at mga gamit pangluto. Plus dun pa kmi nagshower after the boat ride pauwi. They also sell uling at yelo so everything is at ease for us. Excellent quality service tlga. This is my little way of thanking him kya ine-encourage q ang future bakasyonistas jan to avail his services. Contact # nia is: 09173809104. Nagrereply xa agad, hindi kayo magsisisi. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm thinking of visiting this place but I'd really like to make sure I end up in Mang Ador's Campsite. Do you contact him directly or is there another way I can make sure I end up there and not where the kareoke shacks are at? thanks!

Lantaw said...

Mang Ador's place is at the leftmost side of the cove (if you are facing the cove). Insist on your boatman to bring you there. They will of course tell you some crazy stories like campsite theft just to dissuade you. In other campsites they have a cut on the campsite fee per person they bring

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