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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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October 2, 2012

laguna: majayjay's bukal/bucal falls (or liliw's kilangin falls?)

Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls
Bukal Falls
Rust and crimson colored rocks carpeted with lush green moss, crystal clear pools and icy cold waters, high rock walls draped with vibrant greens - these are what greets you when you reach Bukal Falls. Its another "hidden gem", if you prefer that cliche.

Tucked in a deep ravine at the base of Mt. Banahaw in Laguna, two adjacent towns lay claim to the area. Folks in Liliw call it Kilangin Falls, while those in Majayjay call it Bukal Falls or Bucal Falls. The word "bukal" literally means spring, and the water that flows down the cascades is from a emerald green pool fed by springs.

Moss carpeted rocks at Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls
green carpet

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Although the trail going there is well established, the area itself is not yet developed (thank goodness!) and it does not have an established camp site. Trails from both Liliw and Majayjay will take you through  fields planted with string beans, tomatoes, and pepper, with an occasional grand view of Mt. Banahaw.  But its mostly just locals that pass through the area on their way to their fields or hunt giant fruit bats. Majayjay's poster falls is the Tanay Falls and that where the crowd heads to.

Natural spring pool at Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls
the source

The source of the water is a pool surrounded by a green wall. There is supposed to be a waterfall on one side, and this falls is what folks primarily refer to as Kilangin Falls (based on photos on the web). But this particular waterfall is "seasonal", and it was a no-show when we were there. A more permanent one, about 10 feet fall, can be found a few meters downstream.

Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls

Further downstream are countless unnamed cascades and inviting pools. And whats perfect is that you'll most likely have one just to yourself, at least for now. There is a plan to develop the place and actively promote it to rival the more popular Tanay Falls (oh no!)

Downstream from Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls

Lush greens at Bukal/Bucal Falls aka Kilangin Falls

  • From the signage near the falls, looks like Majayjay has won the claim. But is it Bukal or Bucal? Maybe both.
  • The trail from Liliw starts in Valiche and will take about 1.5 hours, easy hike. Its single track all the way, some parts cemented, some with deep mud and there are lots of forks along the way. Its advisable to have guide if its your first time going there, or to ask for directions from farmers you'll meet along the trail (which is not too many unfortunately)
  • The trail from Majayjay starts in Brgy Bukal and will just take about 30-45 minutes hike on a cemented single track, with clear signage pointing you to the right direction.
  • The area around the falls is being maintained by the Philippine Farmers' Association (Bukal Chapter). They can provide a guide if you need one. Look for Eduardo Argayoso in Bukal's barangay hall.
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sheng said...

Green everywhere!

Lantaw said...

@Sheng, its fern gully :D

Ishmael F. Ahab said...

Ito pala ang falls na dapat kong pinuntahan imbes na mas mas sikat at mas mataong Majayjay (Imelda) Falls.

But if the LGU is planning to develop it then I can say bye bye to this good views. Baka mawala na ito kapag nagpasukan na ang maraming tao.

Bonzenti |Con Tour Blog said...

This is my first time bai to see a real green wall. Bukal falls pa jud. Wala paring mintis bai.:-).

Lantaw said...

@Ishmael, Usually Majayjay Falls is crowded, lots of folks love to camp there. Try visiting Bukal next time :)

@Bonzenti, Green and pristine yung place bai, covered with moss yung rocks

Anonymous said...

Oh, this brings back so many memories... my mountaineering friends and I camped beside this fall way back in 2000 before our reunion with other campers in Taytay Falls in Majayjay. The trek was a bit backbreaking, but the site, I recall, was purely magical. Your pictures here vividly capture the natural serenity of the place; the shots are immaculately surreal yet palpable to the eyes. Thank you so much for these pictures.

Aileen said...

Hi. Pwede ba maligo dito? Would you know kung may tubig dito pag summer?

Anonymous said...

is it safe for solo back packer? thanks

Jamie said...

I thought this place was a hot spring like hidden valley laguna, because of the place surrounded by nature. But after reading it, it seems that it is not a hot spring but a cold spring rather. Is there a guide going to this place? And can you swim in the spring or is it not allowed? Thanks!

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