August 20, 2008

campsite on top of Buruwisan Falls

The recent 4 day weekend spelled another outdoor trip. Since it rainy season this time of the year, I decided to stay away from the beach and instead head up to my favorite hideaway in Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna (together with friends). Mt. Romelo (about 300 meters above sea) is popular for its beautiful falls, all accessible with a short hike (and climb) from the campsite. The campsite itself is on top of one of the largest falls there (Buruwisan Falls).

(Trivia: Mt. Romelo is often (mis)referred to as Mt. Famy because the town of Famy is where folks usually get off the bus from Manila. Mt. Romelo is not even in Famy, it is already part of the adjacent town called Siniloan).

We always prefer to do a midnight trek whenever we go there but horrendous traffic jam in Manila made us miss our 12:00 midnight jump off. We arrived at the trail head at around 2:30AM. Surprisingly, its a clear night there while there is a heavy downpour in Manila.

After 4 hours of mud, leeches, more mud, and mosquito bites we arrived at the campsite. The normally jampacked campsite (during the summer) is virtually empty save for us and two other campers.

After setting up camp and getting a quick shut eye, I decided to hiked down to Buruwisan falls. Its a short climb down from the campsite, but the slope is more than 70 degrees in some sections and you only have tree roots and wet rocks for holding.

Buruwisan Falls

Buruwisan Falls is a popular location for rappelling because of its almost vertical wall. Its a great swimming area too with its emerald green waters, if you can take the cold.

Downstream from Buruwisan Falls

Downstream from Buruwisan Falls are nice "tubs" or "pools" with crystal clear waters. There also are two more falls within a few hundred meters from Buruwisan. There is a fork just about 100 meters downstream from Buruwisan. The right path goes upstream to Lansones Falls while the left path goes downstream to the top of Old Buruwisan. There is no trail going down to Old Buruwisan (also known as Binaytuan Falls) but you can enjoy the vertigo inducing view (down) from its drop.

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