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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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May 5, 2008

caliraya's eco saddle campsite

We have been camping in Lake Caliraya for the past 4 years. The Eco Saddle campsite is perfect for city slickers who would like to "rough it out" without the real rigors of the outdoors.
a serene morning

It's a place where you can pitch a tent just a few meters from your jetski. But I go there mostly for Lake Caliraya's sunrise, as I yet have to get my hands on a jetski (which could take a lifetime hehe). You have a good view of the sunrise from the campsite. So far I have never been disappointed, all the 4:00AM wake ups always paid off.

scenes from a moody Caliraya morning

I've seen the place changed shape for the past years, new trees were planted, old ones were cut down. The ones that Typhoon Milenyo had ravaged have recovered. There are huts now where a group of 4-5 persons can comfortably sleep in thus eliminating the need for tents.

Electricity have slowly invaded the place. The CR/bath area now has lighting, so do a couple of huts. And with electricity comes karaoke! Gone are the quiet evenings...

I have never been so pissed off in a trip. I can take mud, rain, mosquito bites and still relish the sound of crickets as dusk falls. But not loud karaoke music with bad singing that could easily put William Hung to shame. The torture ended at 4:14:06 AM with the song "Banyo Queen" by the rapper Andrew E.

Will I go back there? Hmm, maybe I won't, maybe I will. But one thing's for sure: I'm a sucker for sunrises/sunsets :).
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zherwin said...

i have yet to set foot in caliraya but i someday i know i will. i agree, loud and baaad singing can ruin a very serene setting.

oh, don' worry, here's another sucker for sunsets hehehe.

demeter said...

let us file a complaint to the caretakers of eco-saddle. This is a park for nature lovers, not "karaoke noise lovers". Mr.Benz Abenojar(cell#0928 401 6609) used to head that place before but I don't know if he still does. This is an NGO group so I am sure they will listen to reason. Allowing the peace disturbed in such a manner is not conducive to their efforts to raise funds for their cause.

Anonymous said...

never been there but your sunrise shots are awesome!

escape said...

ang galing ng mga shots. never been to caliraya.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't been here as well but I love those shots of yours. Ganda ng mga kulay. Especially the 2nd photo. Very tranquil

lagal[og] said...

i'm big on sunrise and sunsets as well. i love karaoke but not out there where it's such a spoiler. dunno why some people can never leave a good thing alone. anyway, love the shots bai!

Lantaw said...

@zherwin - you'll love it there bro, im sure of it.

@demeter - hayaan mo i text ko :) thanks

@don, estan, and ferdz - road trip na mga bro! thanks :D

@lagal[og] - ako rin bai, I love karaoke pero yun nga hinde sya bagay dito :D. thanks bai!

escape said...

lantaw, sama ako sa susunod na roadtrip.

Anonymous said...

never been to this place. hope someday. :) tagaKoronadal din po pala kayo :)

Lantaw said...

@don - sure bro, email kita kung may outdoor trip. thanks!

@aethen - thanks for the visit! yup im from marbel! :)

escape said...

allan salamat.

Unknown said...

Sir Allan, meron ka bang GPS coordinate for this place. Do I really need to have it. Thanks.

Lantaw said...

@ceslou - the closest I can give is the Japanese Garden:

14° 17.119N 121° 30.602E Elev: 290m

The Eco Saddle campsite is very near that park already.

jasper said...

HI Mr. Barredo. I'm Jasper of BYAHEXPERTS. We saw a beautiful picture of Caliraya from your collection. I hope you don't mind us using your photo for our multiply account as part of our promo for the place for Pagsanjan-Caliraya Day Tour. If you do mind, we promise to replace it with our own when we get there again. Thanks and God bless.

Lantaw said...

jasper, I do mind. please DO NOT use any of my photos!

aby said...

by any chance, do you have an idea if this campsite is still open? last time i've been there was in july 2006 and i'm planning to bring my friends with me early next month.

thanks a lot..

btw, i like your photos.. :)

Lantaw said...

hi aby, its still open. my friends went there a couple of months ago

arlene said...

Been to this place several times and I have no regrets going back over and over again. Love the place..so many memories to treasure....

Anonymous said...

i love the place,wish i can visit the place too!!!

Anonymous said...

i missed this place i hope makabalik kami ja. <3

mikoy said...

@Lantaw Do you have any contact number of Eco Saddle? We just want to know if they are open during holy week on Thursday and Friday? And if the bonfire request is limited to a big group only or is it okay if we're only two (like me and my wife)? Thanks! :)

mikoy said...

@LANTAW Do you have any contact number of Eco Saddle? We'd like to ask from them if they are open during the holy week like Thursday and Friday? And if we can still request for a bonfire even if we're not a big group like it is just me and my wife? Tnx!

Lantaw said...

I dont have the contact numbers but I'm sure they are open on Holy Thursday. Just come there early as the campsite might be full. As for the bonfire, as long as you are willing to pay, they will make one for you and your wife :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Caliraya doesn't seem to have a website. We'd want to go there as well but we have no idea how. Eco Saddle doesn't show up on google Maps. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!


Lantaw said...

@jae, just drive past the Japanese garden. This is the place: http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=14.2881827&lon=121.5156796&z=19&l=0&m=b&search=Lake%20caliraya

Unknown said...

Hi,can someone tell me how much is the enrance,@eco saddle.thanks n god bless

Unknown said...

Caliraya is a great place, but whatever happens DO NOT go to surf camp you will be charged with so many hidden charges. They charge entrance for every person which is ok but to charge even the car and the trailer we were pulling is unacceptable.

Sarah Jane said...

Hi! Your photos are beautiful and I really like it! Would you know if there are tents for rent and would you know how much is it? Me and my friends are planning to go there this Saturday. Thank you for your response! God bless :)

Lantaw said...

I dont think they have tents for rent, but I have not been there for sometime so I could be wrong. Better bring your own just to be safe. They have huts for rent though

Unknown said...

Any contact no. yet?

Unknown said...

Any contact no. yet?

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