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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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December 3, 2008

marinduque's kawa-kawa falls

Kawa-kawa's downstream

We were looking for Paadjao Falls that day, our last stop before heading back to Gasan for the sunset. It was a very long day (we covered almost every town, save for Mogpog) but I was looking forward to shooting some refreshing silky waterfalls. Ironwulf, one of my travel companions, had been there once several years ago and described it as a nice cascading falls

We asked around for directions but we were given some confusing answers. Most have not even heard of Paadjao Falls but suggested we visit the Kawa-kawa Falls (maybe they have renamed Paadjao to Kawa-kawa, we jokingly remarked). It later turned out we were asking directions in the wrong town: we were in Sta. Cruz while Paadjao is in the nearby town of Mogpog. Quite perplexing that most would not know where Paadjao is even if Mogpog is directly adjacent to Sta. Cruz.

We ended up in Brgy Bangcuangan where Kawa-kawa falls is. Its called Kawa-kawa (pretty common name for a falls) because of its deep cauldron-like catch basin ("kawa" literally means cauldron). Several kids were enjoying a late afternoon dip when we got there. We were also met by the barangay captain who enthusiastically showed us around the falls area.

Kawa-kawa's cauldron-like catch basin

We learned that they are "developing" the falls and would soon be building cottages nearby to accommodate visitors. I have mixed feelings about developing natural attractions like falls. Building walkways and viewing stations are OK, but turning it into a full-blown "resort" is another thing. I've seen very bad cases like Batlag falls in Tanay Rizal.

Man made pool downstream from Kawa-kawa

We looked around and took shots from different POVs (check out Lagalog's takes). Whats nice with the Kawa-kawa falls area is that you are not limited to a single cascade. There are many mini-waterfalls downstream, some very accessible, some needs short climbs over slippery boulders.

A hidden nook

I particularly liked one small falls that intersects Kawa-kawa's downstream in a perpendicular manner. I had go over a moss covered boulder and slide down to a small stream. Lost my balance a couple of times and had to use my tripod for support.

a small unnamed cascade

From a bridge that serves as an entrance area I spotted more small cascades further downstream. Unfortunately, time is running out and we have to head out. But its certainly worth exploring, maybe if I get another chance to visit Kawa-kawa. I just hope that it retains its beauty even when the resort crowds come pouring in.

Some stuff to consider while "falls hunting":

1. Sometimes locals use another name for the falls other than the one in the guide book
2. Folks in one barangay, more often than not, don't know the name of the falls found in a nearby barangay, if they are aware there is one there. They are even curious why in the world you would want to go there :)
3. Photograph falls on an overcast day, it makes for a good exposure.
4. Don't forget to bring something to protect your gears from moisture/water: dry bags, plastic covers, and umbrellas.

Its been exactly 1 year ago today since I wrote my first blog entry. I'd like to thank you all my friends for sharing the journey with me.

My 2nd entry to "That's my World" meme. See other entries here.
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Photo Cache said...

these pics are prettier than whats on the travel brochures. i'm so envious of your travels.

Lantaw said...

@Photo Cache - thank you for visiting! come travel with me through my photos :)

escape said...

ganda nga nung maliit na falls na nagintersect sa kawa kawa. kuhang kuha ang kulay ng mga bato.

allan, congratulations for making a year of really good photographs. i remember each time outdoor photographer chooses to post some of the best photos.

keep it up and see you monday!

Lantaw said...

@dom - thank you for your support. can't wait to start this new project of ours :)

lagal[og] said...

bai, na-extra pa ako dito eh di hamak naman na mas spectacular ang falls takes mo :D i agree with you, i have reservations about "developing" these natural attractions. more often than not, these end up looking nothing like what they are in their natural states. why can't we leave things as they are, 'no?

Oman said...

hello bro.

una sa lahat congratulations sa isang taon na blogging. isa ang blog mo sa talagang maipagmamalaki natin na travel at photo blog.

pangalawa, syempre, the best na naman mga pics. although nakita ko na itong falls sa posts nila oggie at ferdz ay inaabangan ko naman version mo at talaga naman impressive. forte mo talaga yung mga flowing water shots. great job.

my gulch said...

i've been blog hopping from Ferdz to Oggie to yours and find it really interesting. one place, different ways of presenting them (texts and photos). some of what Oggie missed to describe you were able to fill and so is Ferdz. anyway, i guess it's a blessing in disguised that you guys didn't find what you're looking for since Kawa-kawa Falls is also a good find. salamat din sa mga tips.

Lantaw said...

@oggie - bai sympre I have to pay tribute to the [OG] :D. Seriously I think some of us just want to promote the place but sometimes end up destroying it, some are just plain greedy. Thanks for dropping by! :)

@oman - Thank you very much bro! I always try to do my best. Oggie and Ferdz are in a totally different league :)

@my gulch - Thanks for the visit! I didn't mind which falls we will shoot that day, I love falls, any falls :). Hope you hop back here again soon :)

The Good Life in Virginia said...

what a lovely series of falls pics. very very calming and beautiful.
thanks for sharing.

Carver said...

These are gorgeous shots of the waterfalls.

Lantaw said...

@The Good Life in Virginia, @ Carver - thanks a bunch for the visit!

Cyrelle Malihan said...

i just went there last april 1...after a thrilling climb in the church cave...d running water was so cold but refreshing..i can't leave the place. you must visit it by yourself..it only cost u a P10/each..it may be far to travel but its worth all the efforts! C yah..I will surely return to marinduque..Thanks ate che for the invitation!

Lantaw said...

Cyrelle, I'll try Paadjao Falls next time. thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

I spent my childhood in this place. I was able to see the changes in the falls through the years. I prefer the undeveloped Kawa kawa falls where I used to learn swimming.

But anyway, you had nice shots dude. I love this place so much. I live near the falls.

Anonymous said...

wish more photos posted here...nice shot anyway!this place reminds me of my high sch days hang out pag nag-cut ng klase :-)hmm mizz d very cold w.... rily time changes a lot

keep it up...

Anonymous said...

hi there,
i need your help. do you think it's possible to tour marinduque in 5 days (including the travel time)? if so, pls, pls, i need your recommendations. thanks!

Bee Pamat

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