December 18, 2009

muted colors of dawn

While the rest are still in dreamland (and some others just about to hit the sack), we are already up and about, wandering the resort grounds at 3 in the morning. I am not really sure how much sleep I got but I was pretty desperate to find a "sunrise POV".

I took point (I was the only one with a torch) and led two of my friends, whom I was able to pry off their beds, to the mangrove area. Although we are on the western side of Guimaras (we got a nice sunset the day before) I was hoping there is a vantage point were we can have a good view of the eastern sky. Kept checking my compass along the way and found out that the eastern views were blocked by large trees or small hills. So much for a sunrise shoot.

We hiked back to our villa and joked about how early our "early morning walk" was. The roosters have not even crowed yet. I checked my compass one last time and was surprised to find out that we actually have a good view right in front of where we stayed!

A Taste of Guimaras Sunrise
a taste of Guimaras sunrise

There were lots of coral rocks nearby that can be used for foreground and it's pretty common for coastal shots. But I preferred to use a foreground that can be identified with the place. Villa Igang's white stairs that lead to the beach was perfect.

Dawn Breaks in Villa Igang
dawn breaks in Villa Igang

There was a light cool breeze as the first rays of the day shone up the horizon. It started with soft pastel colors, but as each second ticked by, the colors grew intense.

Lead Me to the Sea
lead me to the sea

As quickly as it showed, the colors soon faded.  But our smiles stayed on our faces a bit longer. It was a great way to start the day.
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