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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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December 15, 2009

guimaras: villa igang's sunset cave

Sunset Cave
sunset as seen from inside a cave in Igang

Imagine this: a great cavern, facing the sunset, a few steps from your villa. Its cool crystal clear waters soothing your tired and sunburnt body after a day of island hopping.

We found just that in Villa Igang in Guimaras. I noticed this huge cave on the way back to our resort after visiting some of the islets on the western side of Guimaras. Several outrigger boats were at the mouth of the cave and folks were obviously enjoying the emerald waters inside.

I soon discovered that there was another a small entrance on the side of a hill,  enough to fit person if he/she crawls through it, besides the one facing the sea. It was a few steps from our room, down the stairs that leads to the beach. It was practically just in front of where we were staying!

So off we go exploring the cave as the sun dips low on the horizon. It has two chambers, the larger one can be accessed by wading through waist deep waters or through a small hole. Inside the larger chamber is a rock platform with a great view of the western sky.

spicing up the emerald pool

So what to do in a cave with a great pool while waiting for the sunset? Shoot! One of my photographer friends found herself in front of the lens this time. The light coming in from the cave's entrance proved to be great as an added "strobe" or for shooting silhouettes against the warm sunset tones.

Is that you Tink?
silhouette play

The best tones finally came out after the sun went down. Our "model" reverted to her photographer role and we all went around to find our POVs. Mine was on top of a submerged flat rock near the division of the two chambers, with the water increasingly rising above my waist. My wife is always a good sport, holding some of my gears for me (i.e. filters).

Igang Sunset Cave
final blast

I was able to get a several long exposure shots before the water became chest deep. The last one proved to be a keeper.

Check out other views of the world in That's My World

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, how incredibly beautiful! You really took my breath away again today! The first and last shots are absolutely gorgeous, stunning colors. And a very lovely young lady as well!

Have a wonderful week!


Photo Cache said...

that is an amazing place. the philippines has a ton of these jewels of a place. thanks for showing them to us.

Jim said...

Great views out.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Inday said...


Z said...

awesome scene.

escape said...

bai, saan pwede kumuha ng mga subjects? lol. great photos as usual idol lantaw!

SandyCarlson said...

Wow, wow, wow, that is amazing.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful photos. The scenery taken from the cave is superb. The model is very pretty too. Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

absolutely fabulous shots! the first photo is my favorite...simply breathtaking.

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh my gosh! These are all spectacular! What a lovely place to capture such amazing photos...I love them all!

January Zelene said...

Wow! super ganda! Amazing shots!

Marites said...

haay...wow! you're really good and our country is really beeeeeyoooooooootiful!

LadyFi said...

Stunning shots - really lovely with the sunset framed by the cave opening!

witsandnuts said...

Ang galing! Lalo na yung framing ng first and last shots. Sweet yung silhouette effect. =)

Chyng said...

Beautiful! Foggy ang effect ng water. Wowow! Ü

CJ Alegre said...

i love the last photo!!! galing =D

Cebu Photos said...

wow.. very nice place.. can we exchange links with my photo blog?

pls let me know if its ok with you.


Unknown said...

please need your help guys.... need a contact number of villa igang.... need to have a reservations as soon as possible... please contact this number, 09272400098... thanks- sheng

Lantaw said...

@shelly, here are more contact numbers for Villa Igang: 09263753634,09173110206, (033) 3365507, (033) 3378074

akia said...

been there at the cave..the last time we went there's a water snake..but that didnt end up the fun..its rili a gud place to stay when you want to unwind :)

adventurousfeet said...

sir you made me WOW again. what type of nd filter did you use for thisif you dont mind.. sobrang idol talaga kita when it comes to landscape shoots :)

Lantaw said...

CPL and GND filters lang :)

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