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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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August 22, 2008

the forgotten old buruwisan falls (binaytuan falls)

Just 1 meter before the drop of Old Buruwisan

Folks who have been to Buruwisan falls are well aware of the location of another falls called Lansones. Just a few meters downstream from Buruwisan you follow the path to your right when you reached the fork. The trail is going upstream and after a less than 200 meters you'll be able to reach Lansones falls.

Nobody seems to bother finding out whats there downstream when you take the left of the fork. Nobody ever mentions that there is actually a beautiful site down there, on top of another waterfalls much higher than Buruwisan. We later found out its simply called Old Buruwisan (officially its known as Binaytuan Falls) , and unfortunately there is no (easy) trail going down to the base of the falls (a 200-meter drop).

A few meters from the drop of Old Buruwisan are waist to chest deep tubs - your own jacuzzi tubs.

Silky waters of old Buruwisan

The one a few feet from the actual drop is the largest ... and the most exciting one to be in to with only a huge rock between you and the drop :). I could not resist doing a long exposure with us in the frame :).

80's band album cover :)

More photos here.
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GingGoy said...

i have yet to visit that falls near my hometown. i visited the farthest falls to avoid people in 2004 (IIRC)

The Islander said...

nice captures. silky indeed.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

masarap ang lansones. :D

do i make sense? or am i just hungry? haha.

escape said...

cool na cool ng huling picture. galing nung pagka blend ng damit at ng tubig ng taong naka puti.

mgaputonimimi said...

hi fellow ilonggo!

got your link from dong...

~ minsan nakatago talaga ang magagandang tanawin...

Lantaw said...

hello mimi! yup our countryside still has a lot of hidden jewels :). thanks for dropping by.

Lantaw said...

@dom - thanks bro. It took us several tries before everybody is really still hahaha. Hard to do with the very cold water.

Lantaw said...

@tutubi - taga Paete ka pala? Ang daming beautiful places malapit lang sa inyo, including Paete of course. thanks for the visit!

Lantaw said...

@islander - thanks bro!

@vanny - hahaha, masarap nga ang lansones :P. I'm sure you will love Camiguin during the lansones season, but it the meantime, try visiting Buruwisan Falls and trek to Lansones. I'm sure you'll love it there too :).

Oman said...

all the pics are great but i like the last one the most. great job allan.

lagal[og] said...

bai, ganda ng mga captures as usual. i can imagine how hard it is to keep still considering the icy waters

Anonymous said...

Those photos look like they're straight from "The Lord of the Rings." Fantastic!

Lantaw said...

@oggie - thanks bai! malamig nga ang tubig dun especially early in the morning. but it was fun :D

@toe - thanks for the visit toe! Glad you liked the photos

Lantaw said...

@oman - thanks bro! personal fave ko rin ang last one, especially that im in it hehehe

zherwin said...

ilang segundo ba kayong naka-freeze dyan? wala bang nagka-cramps? hehehe. ang lapit lang ng Mt. Romelo pero i am yet to climb that mountain, crowded dyan di ba?

i'm back and doing fine. :)

Lantaw said...

@zherwin - mga 10 sec bro :). Welcome back. Pag gusto mo mag trek dun contact mo lang ako :)

Anonymous said...

sir nsa siniloan ang mt. romelo hindi po sa famy.. nagtatampo tuloy ang mga taga siniloan... tnx

Lantaw said...

@Anonymous, yes it is in siniloan, and I never said in my post that is in famy.

Jerty said...

Ganda talaga , I want to go back again to mt. romelo..

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