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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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November 21, 2008

visiting old churches in marinduque

Boac church spire

When the Spaniards colonized the Philippine islands in the early 15th century, they did so with the sword and the cross. Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism, spread quickly across the Luzon and Visayas regions (Mindanao remained a Muslim stronghold even up to the time of the American invasion in the late 1800s). The Spaniards ruled the archipelago for the next 400 years. It is therefore not uncommon to see old colonial churches in most of Philippines 7100+ islands.

It was overcast that day when we went around Marinduque to see the sights including the old churches in several towns. From Gasan in the western side, we rode a rented jeep down south to Buenavista. Buenavista's parish church is relatively new (town was founded in 1954) so we decided to skip it.

From Buenavista, we traversed Mt. Malindig going to Torrijos in the south eastern side. I was already getting drowsy and the cool mountain breeze and the overcast weather were not helping at all. Soon we found ourselves in the sleepy town of Torrijos and went straight to the parish church. The town of Torrijos was founded in 1880s but I cannot find any reference as to when the church was built. However, from the church's architecture one could surmissed that its relatively new.

St Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church in Torrijos

After taking a couple of shots of the church's facade, we made a detour to Poctoy White Beach and had a quick look around. The long stretch of fine coral sand was a totally different view from what we saw in Gasan. From beach one has a great view of Mt. Malindig (cloud covered that day).

Poctoy White Beach

After the quick tour, we drove further up north to Sta. Cruz. We had a hearty lunch at the public market before going to Sta. Cruz church. It started to drizzle when we got there.

The town of Sta. Cruz was founded in 1609 but it was not until 1714 when the Sta. Cruz church ( titular: Holy Cross) was erected. Much of the tower and the facade remained intact but the church had undergone numerous renovations over the years.

Sta Cruz church facade

The church's altar is typical of colonial churches: adorned with statues of the saints and intricately designed. Renovations/repairs were being done of the altar area when we were there. It was difficult to take photos of the church interior due to successive funeral masses.

alley at the side of the church

We had better luck with the weather when we visited Boac the next day. The sky was blue and the cloud cover minimal. Boac, founded in 1580, is the oldest town in Marinduque.

The Boac church, built in 1756 in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Biglang Awa (Immediate Succor), is situated on top of a small hill. The church has retained much of its Fil-Hispanic gothic architecture. The interiors of the church: the floor designs and the elaborate altar were beautifully preserved. The stained glass windows were a newer renovation aimed at enhancing the granduer of the church.

Boac church (Immaculate Conception Cathedral)

The church was much bigger and the aisle much longer than that of the Sta. Cruz church. I was about to take some shots of the interior when a funeral procession started pouring in. I had to gather my gears and quickly head out as the crowd began to swell.

restored Boac church facade

There are other old churches in Marinduque like the ones in Gasan and Mogpog. But our limited time there dictated we will have to visit those in another time.

This is my first entry to That's My World Meme - a site where we can show the world around us.
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Louise said...

Very interesting post, and BEAUTIFUL photos!

Connie T. said...

You have some really nice pictures of your World.

Lantaw said...

@Louise, @Connie - thanks for the visit!

Oman said...

glad that the weather cooperated in some of the shots. ganda talaga na background ang blue sky, but then again ayos na ayos din and medyo gloomy and weather 'coz it added mystery to the church. great job again allan.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful images. I love old churches too. Thanks for sharing your world.

Lantaw said...

@oman - sky was overcast most of the day but I guess you are right, it added a bit of mood in our shots. thanks for the visit bro!

@vanessa - thanks for the visit!

MysLykeMeeh said...

ehh, kay ganda naman nito!

Pictures are quiet captivating!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Allan: That was neat history of the churches. I always I felt I kmew the names in the Philipeans because of the Spanish influense in our South West USA.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, marvelous photos. Welcome to the myworld meme, is this your first time?

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! to your photos and extra wow! for the Phlippine history.Makes me wonder where was I during those lectures? :D
MWT#2:King Navy Yard

Anonymous said...

these are nice photographs. =)

Lantaw said...

@mys Lyke Meeh - Thank you! Im pleased you liked the photos.

@fishing guy - Spanish influence is deeply ingrained in our culture too just like the south western part of US. thanks for the visit!

@ewok1993 - thanks! yes its my first time.

@FickleMinded - thanks for the visit! i learned a lot more from traveling than from listening to lectures :D

@paoruiz - thanks bro!

atto aryo said...

uy! i've been to that church in torrijos.

Sidney said...

Nice collection of old churches... nice to see that they are well maintained.

Lantaw said...

@r-yo - i'm sure pumunta ka ng white beach when you were in torrijos ;)

@Sidney - thanks! yup it was great to see how the locals took care of the churches, a big part of our culture and heritage. I just hope that other colonial churches in other islands get the same treatment.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

the photographs of the church are beautiful...i like the tower.
interesting post. thank you for sharing with us.

Dakilang Islander said...

ganda ng mga kuha mo...i'll add u in my bloglist ha if u don't mind..
tnx nga pala for leaving a comment in my blog

Lantaw said...

@The Good Life in Virginia - thank you for the visit!

@Dakilang Islander - thanks! Will link you up too :)

pusangkalye said...

I love the church--( I think it is a bit unique) ---and how you gave justice to it through your good photography.....

....bago rin ang banner----cool. I think it is very reflective of you.

Marites said...

grabeh, i love your pictures. ganda ng pagkakuha. i especially love your header pic ng hanging bridge, kaw ba yan? would u like to exchange links with me? :) btw, i got my world entry here

Lantaw said...

@Pusang-gala - thanks bro! i figured a need a fresh banner so i got one from my recent travel to Marinduque :). Glad you liked it.

@Marites - Maraming salamat! The guy crossing the bridge is Ironwulf Will link you up :)

Krisha said...

AWESOME pictures.
ang ganda, I wishI I could visit marinduque
when I go for a vacation there.

escape said...

dami din pala talagang simbahan doon at ang karamihan sa pinost mo gaganda talaga.

astig nga pala ang bago mong header.

email kita about sa plan sa dingalan bukas. hopefully matapos ko ang plan.

Lantaw said...

@dom - maraming salamat bro. may mga ilan pa dun na hinde napuntahan dahil kulang sa oras.

re: dingalan - sige, will wait for the email :)

Anonymous said...

Churches are a great part of our history. It's really good that you have visited some of them (at least kahit sa picture, nakita ko rin.

Anonymous said...

interesting churches especially Boac :)

MysLykeMeeh said...

Thanks for the add---marami na akong kaibigan sa blog.---who would have guess, ka jojoin ko lang( Yay!) Thanks very much!!!

blogroll din kita ha?

Anonymous said...

Hello Allan,
Musta na bro? lihog man ko update sang link ko dri sa imo site. http://www.leonardpe.com na ang gina maintain ko.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent set of photos of colonial churches. Thanx for sharing...

Lantaw said...

@Dre - yup they are great heritage sites. thanks for the visit!

@Estan - Thanks for the visit bro!

@Mys Lyke Meeh - You are welcome :). I'd be very pleased to be added to your blogroll. Thanks!

@Leonard - sure bro! will be in Gensan by 3rd week of December

@dodongflores - thanks for the visit bro! MTB tayo one of these days :)

Lantaw said...

@krishA - Thanks! Try visiting Marinduque during the Holy Week for their Moriones Festival.

Anonymous said...

I will wait for more posts about Marinduque. It is included in my list for next year.

By the way, I love your photos. Super ganda!

Lantaw said...

@ar-wee-der-yet - Thanks! Try visiting during the Holy Week, but be ready for the huge crowd :)

mgaputonimimi said...

ganda! parang sa ibang bansa lang un shots..

Lantaw said...

@mimi - salamat guid! damu pa kita dire nami nga places, hinde na kinahanglan mag kadto sa iban bansa :)

Masuzette said...

I am really fascinated with old Churches.....Thank you for sharing, Nice shots!

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