March 4, 2010

SEAFDEC Wooden Bridge
to the fish cages in SEAFDEC

It’s summer in my corner of the world! We have searing temperatures that average above 30 degrees Celsius lately. And with the El Nino phenomenon, it’s going to get hotter in the coming days; time to head to the beaches for a cool dip.

I was lining up a few destinations for the coming weeks when I remembered how I enjoyed our beach hopping day a couple of months ago when I visited Guimaras island with my wife and a couple of friends.

Guimaras is this little gem east of Iloilo. Famous for its mangoes, it also has boundless coastal beauty: an assortment of coves, coastal caves, and beaches - perfect a day of sand, sea, and sun.

Jumpstart the summer!
a day of sea, sand, and sun

One of interesting places we’ve been to was SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center). It’s a short boat ride from where we were staying in Igang. One of my friends knows a researcher in SEAFDEC so we were able to get permission to tour their premises.

inviting for a dip

Established in 1967, SEAFDEC aims to promote sustainable fisheries development in South East Asia. Researchers from across the region come to this place to conduct their studies.

SEAFDEC Fish Cages
juvenile groupers

SEAFDEC looked more like a resort with its white cottages and color flags. I later found out they actually rent out some of the cottages (the others are being used by the researches).

SEAFDEC Fish Feeding
fish feeding

Their fish cages contain milk fish, groupers, and pompano (specie of jacks) among others. Walking on the plank along the fish cages took a bit of getting used to as it sways a bit. I don’t mind falling into one of the cages, but I was pretty sure my camera will.

SEAFDEC Fish Cages
walk the plank

What was great was that we were able to buy a few kilos fish straight from the cages. Another great thing about the SEAFDEC area is its numerous small islets and sand bars, perfect for picnics.

one of the sand bars

We found one sand bar (just a couple of meters long) with gorgeous mature mangroves providing plenty of shade, surrounded by crystal clear water that beckons for a dip.

Exploring Guimaras

You might be interested in viewing other photos I took in Guimaras:

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  1. wow..those are really excellent photos! it's been a long time since i've been to Guimaras and you got me thinking of getting back there :)

  2. the first photo here is simply fantastic!

  3. Is SEAFDEC able to withstand stormy weather? It doesn't look it could from the photos. Anyway, I'm just curious.

  4. oh wow! that water! it's perfect! i wanna go! great perspective on this ..beautiful shot!

  5. my type of place bai! as alaways kahanga hanaga ang lugar at ang mga kuha.

  6. your blog shows landscape photography at its finest!!!. I can't help but wish to visit those places too.

  7. How refreshing to see this especially after a super hot day. Can't wait to get to the water, river or beach, it does not matter basta tubig. :-)

  8. Thank you folks!

    @bertN, its protected on the east by the Guimaras main island and Panay island on the west. So its pretty secure :)

  9. makes me want to go to guimaras now... as in now! awesome photos, keep 'em coming.

  10. Fantastic and breathtaking shots as always! What a gorgeous place and how I would love to visit there! You always take us on such beautiful tours of your world, not only with your incredible photos, but your words as well. And what a wonderful you do live in!! Have a terrific week ahead!


  11. You have the most wonderful photographic journeys. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Never been to Guimaras but it sure looks like a a beautiful island to visit. And as usual i love your photos especially the last one...

    Initao Sunset

  13. I just want to dive into those delicious crystal clear water. Stunning shots!

  14. Hello, Bai. I'd been to SEAFDEC in 2001 pero sa guwa lang. I used to tour around this small province island using my bike. I also had photos of the nice beaches before taken in film.
    You're photos here are all excellent. My favorites are the third, seventh, and of course, the last photo with a model. YOu're also blessed with cotton-white clouds and vivid blue skies. You're so lucky to have entered the SEAFDEC facility.
    Thank you for sharing these photos, Bai. It made me think to be going back there and see these beautiful sceneries once again...

  15. been there 5 days ago...truly amazing
    i was not able to capture the beauty by the lens
    but the scene is still vivid in my memory...