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This blog is an amateur photographer's attempt to show how beautiful the world really is. He is drawn to the colors of nature like a moth to a candle light. What are showcased here are nature's grand display of colors at sunrise and sunset, beautiful beaches and off-the-beaten track locations in his beloved Philippines, waterfalls and some of nature's great sculptures, architectural gems, and other views from around SE Asia that he was fortunate to see at one point.

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December 1, 2009

escape to iloilo and guimaras

Exploring Guimaras
a sandbar in Igang in Guimaras

I managed to squeeze in, before the rush of the holidays, a trip to Iloilo and the island province of Guimaras last weekend. My wife, together with two of our friends, flew in from Davao while I took the first flight from Manila. I was excited to plant my feet again on my father's home province after more than 2 decades.

The weather was not just good, it was perfect. But just like most trips, not everything is.  Several of the heritage sites we visited are undergoing maintenance and repairs. Its just fine if you are a casual tourist, its a disaster if you are there to photograph the place.

catching a ride to Guimbal

But for every down, there are corresponding ups. There was that nice manong who turned on the altar lights inside Miagao church for a few seconds even if the monsignor would go ballistic if he found out; a layperson who kept the St. Clement's church door open after the last evening mass; the guard who accommodated us in Jaro cathedral at 4AM.; our hosts whom we inconvenienced for a few days. The list goes on.

And then there is that good friend of mine who let me use his camera body (he even left it in Iloilo for me to use) when seawater "killed" mine.

one of the cathedrals we visited

It was several days of sumptuous seafood, heritage churches, beaches and rocky coves, sweetest mangoes, and great company. Thankfully all my photos survived the seawater disaster and I shall be sharing them in my succeeding posts.
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Oman said...

kaabang-abang na series ito bai. the photos are just great.

RedLan said...

Aabangan ko 'to. Huo under construction pa man gyapon ang Miag-ao church. 2 decades? dugay gle wala ka di kakadto. I am looking forward to see more of guimaras photos. Naano ang camera mo? Naglangoy sa dagat? Mayo ara man gyapon ang mga photos.

Lantaw said...

@redlan, oo 24 years to be exact hehe. nabutas ang akon dry bag nga hinde ko napansin. sobrang ka trust ko sa akon protective gears. nami gid ang guimaras, tip of the iceberg pa lang kunbaga ang trip ko didto. planning to go back there again early next year

Lantaw said...

@lawstude, thanks bro! sama ka next year, balik ulit ako hehe

Unknown said...

wow, the first photo is absolutely stunning! i'd love to feel the warm sand under my feet again. i was stranded in Iloilo a couple of years ago, and spent the night at relatives in Guimbal. taga Guimbal ang dad mo? also spent 4 glorious days in Guimaras...i hope to return one of these days.

Lantaw said...

@luna, ganda dun ano? my dad's from San Enrique in Passi (used to be one of the districts in Iloilo, now its a city). Relatives namin are all over Panay :D

CJ Alegre said...

nice post. I love the first picture =)

carmen (iloilo) said...

ahmmm! allan, di halata na excited ka ha naka post dayon. Hey, it was not inconvenience, it's fun, i love it and i learned new things from it. Next time liwat, there's still a lot of place we did'nt explore. Hopefully by that time i'm still here to accompany you but if i'm no longer here i can ask my friends to help you and you're very much welcome in our place. Sorry it's sad that the time of your visit is not that good but next time it will be better. I'll update you the status of places here before you make your trip schedule. Nice shot in the sandbar in Igang albeit the area is strictly protected. Post more pics...

Lantaw said...

@carmen - mas excited si mae e, mas una pa sya post photos hahaha. damu nga salamat guid, daw gusto ko na gani dayon mag balik. basi next year we'll bring the kids para ma appreciate man nila kung diin nag halin si lolo nila :D

Lantaw said...

Thanks CJ!

princess_dyanie said...

wow! i like the 1st pic!! ang gandaa! nung nagpunta ako ilocos last year, di na kami nakadaan ng guimaras kasi kulang na sa time. :P

The Scud said...

looking forward to this series. maiinggit na naman kami sa mga napuntahan mo.

sheng said...

ohhhh, i love this post, although i am from panay and iloilo is just lovely, i have never been to guimaras, (blech). And that is because no one cares to bring me there. Ric is flying there on FRiday, i wanted to tag along but the kids can't be left behind, kakaalis ko lang din for Luzon eh, ayaw nila paiwan.

Lantaw said...

@scud, thanks bro :)

@sheng, iwan mo lang sila sa mga lolo't lola :D. guimaras is a great destination. I just came there but I'm already planning another trip back hahaha.

@princess_dyanie, naku you should go to guimaras next time

escape said...

ganda ng unang pic bai!

XoXo said...

Yay! this place is heaven esp the sandbar..it was on my list last year but couldn't squeeze in a few days more from my vacation. Well, thanks for showing these photos, the more I want to go there. This place remains on my list...

David B Katague said...

Another beautiful photographs of my province of birth. Now in Manila enjoying the sites, sounds and food of the big city. I love the first photo.

Anonymous said...

Nice Shots!

Chic-Chic said...

ako po pwede din po sumama?

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