March 21, 2009

peaceful Tambobong Beach

Well it felt like that - like going home - when we went to back Brgy. Osmeña in Dasol, Pangasinan last weekend. It was my second trip there this year in a span of just a couple of weeks. I'm feeling like a local already :). I promised myself I would enjoy more of the sea and sun this time, and do less photography.

It was raining when we got there at 4AM. Weird summer weather. My hopes of doing some sunrise shots were dashed by the trickle of the rain. Oh well, minimal photography I reminded myself ... better catch up with your sleep.

20,133 views over the sea :D
into the blues

We headed to our favorite snorkeling spot in Balinmanok after breakfast. Our host's cousin has a perfect spot there with a shipwreck right in front of the beach (we don't know the name of the Chinese boat "resting" there so we just called the spot "Balinmanok Wreck", try googling it :) ). The sea was calm and the water was cool. The sun occasionally hide behind clouds. Not too sunny, but not too gloomy either. Not too perfect but its an OK beach weather. (Hey it rhymes!)

Some of my companions headed straight to the hammocks with their mp3s and PSPs. I went straight to snorkeling and toyed around with a friend's underwater (film instamatic) camera. We found a sea anemone with about 4 "Nemos" :). I saw two large clownfishes - must be the breeding pair. I took several shots ... OK may be a bit too many. I swore the clownfishes were already blinded by the flash by the time I was through.

Later found out after having the negatives scanned that all I got was 1 blurred photo with them in the center, and several very blurred ones with maybe a tail, or a head, not really sure. Its the the old film days all over again. Hmm, hit and miss (mostly miss) photography.

More sun and sea this time ...
two thumbs up!

Later that afternoon, I couldn't help myself going to my favorite spot in Cabacungan. I volunteered as "guide" for some of the first timers, but I was really hoping to get some sunset shots.

Rocks of Nalasin
Nalasin rocks (on the way to Cabacungan)

Light was perfect when we passed by the rock "towers" of Nalasin. I took some wonderful sunset shots from that spot only a month ago.


The waves were quite big in Cabacungan cove that afternoon. The emerald pool inside Cabacungan cave was murky and too dangerous to swim in. One could easily get slammed on the cave walls. We instead just waited for the sunset on the edge of the chasm I wrote about in this post.

Sunset on the Edge
waiting for the sunset

Sunset came but there was no spectacular colors this time. The horizon was shrouded with this grey flat clouds. Sigh, less of photography.

golden hour in Cabacungan

The weather the next day was perfect! We sent searching for other coves we have not visited before. We found a small beach just south of Balinmanok (still part of Brgy Osmeña). True enough, the folks there are either cousins or uncles of our hosts :).

unnamed beach in Osmeña

I took a couple of shots and went straight to the business of finding other "Nemos". Found none this time, but came across a lot of jellyfish - the none poisonous types. There was not much near the shore, the corals were dead and the sea bed covered with sea grass. They do sea weed farming there but apart from that there's not much to see.

perfect beach day

nice shady spot

I would be leading a group of photographers in Dasol next week on a photo safari. So the "enjoy the beach and do less of photography" promise goes right out of the window.

If you like the destinations I feature on my blog and want to visit them on a photo safari, send me an email at aebarredo[at] If you are the outdoor type, then these destinations maybe for you.

Photos around Osmeña( and Tambobong) and neighboring attractions here, here and here

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